Basketball Midseason Report

We're halfway through Will's first basketball season. His team is actually two teams in one: A team and B team. Will's on B team, which we totally expected - he's the only kid who had never played organized basketball before... But our B team is actually decimating our A team, stats-wise. These games are...interesting: the A teams play each other for 6 minutes, then the B's play each other 6 minutes, then A does 3 min, B does 3 min, B does 3 more min, and finally A finishes the last 3 min. It's a good way to guarantee everyone gets equal playing time, but it really does feel like every team is two separate mini teams. We're focusing on Will's B team victories. ;-) This Saturday, he won another overall Most Steals certificate, and the BEST: he scored TWO BASKETS IN 5 SECONDS!!!


  1. Looks like he's really taken to basketball!! We're having lots of fun with my daughter's first season, too.


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