Cheer in our Rodeo Parade

What could be more stereotypically Texas than football/cheer & rodeo?!?! I had never been to a rodeo before setting foot here...but it's SO MUCH FUN! (Growing up in NC, our annual county fair had an agricultural & livestock section, but no one cared about that - we only cared about funnel cakes & carnival rides. :-P) The rodeo here does have rides, but we've thus far managed to avoid them in favor of the actual rodeo, where you go sit in the stands in an arena to watch tons of super quick competitions over 2-3 hours: Bareback Riding, Steer Wrestling, Breakaway Roping, Calf Roping, Saddle Bronc Riding, Mutton Bustin (5 & 6 yr old kids riding sheep! adorable!), Team Roping, Calf Scramble, Barrel Racing, Bull Riding:
It's really fascinating! The rodeo doesn't run every weekend - it's just once a year, so rodeo time is a big deal! Our local (smaller) rodeo was this last weekend, and the Houston one (the *largest in THE WORLD*) begins this weekend with the World's Championship Bar-B-Que Contest. (YES! We got coveted invite-only tent tickets, again, this year! EXCITED!!! It's *THE* Houstonian event of the year!)

But back to our local... Our big rodeo parade was this last Saturday. One of my first initiatives as the new head of our cheer program was to have our girls march in the parade. WHY has our league never done this before?!?!?! It's *FREE* to register & participate, it's perfect timing (at the beginning of our own registration period) to get our name out there, it keeps squads engaged & excited in the offseason, it shows we support our local community, and did I mention, IT'S FREE?!?! No brainer. I will say, the logistics were a lot more work than I expected, but certainly not prohibitively so. We didn't have any issues, and next year will be even easier, now that we know exactly how everything works. The skies looked at little sketchy, but for the few girls who braved the threat of a sprinkle, we enjoyed a perfect 70°F march. :-) [& the last event in our old uniforms! ;-)]

Spirit during line-up!
Dance party:
Will & his buddy manned the back of the truck:
With my AWESOME new Cheer Committee!!!
Stunting Annelise while we waited:
Along the parade route:
Annelise managed to still collect candy tossed out during the parade, and she even STORED IT IN HER BOOTS!!!!!
We all earned Rodeo Parade ribbons!!!


  1. Aww, the parade looks like fun! I've never been to a rodeo, but now you've got me wanting to see one! ;)

  2. It is just so fascinating to me! And it's extremely fast-paced!


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