Holocaust Survivor

On Thursday, a friend & I visited Holocaust Museum Houston together. We were both German students in college (not together, though) and we both share a passion for museums & culture. We were honored to meet with a Holocaust survivor at the museum and hear his story firsthand - of tragedy, of fear, of survival, and finally of hard work leading to amazing success in life. Such a powerful visit with a man who not only overcame, but then actually built this museum as a "House of Love" to stand against hate. I've been to Bergen-Belsen & Dachau concentration camps and retraced the steps of Schindler's Jews in Krakow, Poland...but nothing is as powerful & meaningful as hearing the firsthand story of a survivor!

Learn more about Bill Morgan here.


  1. Wow! I bet that was an amazing experience!

  2. It has stayed with me so vividly! Definitely a visit I will never forget!!!


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