Passport Applications

The kids have officially applied for their very first passports!

Of course, this thrills me to pieces!!! Now, let's all pray for happy reasons for us to use them *OFTEN* over the next 5 years, before they expire. (Mine & JB's are renewed for 10 years, but when you're under 16, you only get 5.) International travel is one of my biggest passions in life. It completely broke my heart, not that mine had expired, but that I had had no reason to renew it until now! Now that we're all good to go (literally ;-)), I want us to GO GO GO, as much as possible!!! Sharing the memories and cultural experiences with our family = priceless. Best gift EVER.


  1. Hope you have many exciting travels to tell us about in the coming years!!

  2. Thank you!!! Me, too! ;-) :-D


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