Run 4 The Children 2015

We did Run 4 The Children, again - this year on Valentine's morning! (Click here for the whole backstory & how my non-runner-self ever got sucked into this! :-D) Another 4 miles benefitting adoption in the books for this year!!!

Professional race proofs:
Pre-race yoga (now *THIS* I (far left) was good at! ;-))

Starting gun (can you spy my wild hair flying?)

Victory (for me and for Will running with our friend/his other football coach, Sean)

GO ME!!! I finished the 4 miles (6.4 k) in 41 minutes, but I did run with Annelise for the first 1.5 miles. My last two full miles on my own were ~9 min each.

A post-race puffy air pressure leg massage!

I'm definitely not "hooked" on running now. I'll do this once a year, but more than that is not worth it for me. I burn less calories running than I do teaching one of my Zumba classes (this was about 500; teaching Zumba is at least 800) and it's much worse on my body: my quads & glutes killed for two days after the race. My knees were ok, but I purposely ran as much as I could on the grass burm, instead of striking the concrete; the impact level on my joints is incomparable. ...But I'm up for this good cause once a year. ;-)