Super Bowl 2015

I'm thankful that we have a fun set of friends who invite us to their Super Bowl party here every year. They go ALL OUT with the food, (lasagna cups, people!!! I'm now obsessed!!! cannot get enough!!!) and we actually *WATCH* the game! (I wouldn't go to a Super Bowl party with people who didn't want to actually watch it! :-P) Our whole family has such a good time...even when the team we're rooting for (both of the last two years!) loses.

Football fam!

Maybe 1/8th of the food? (But oooo, those lasagna cups on the left! ;-))

Game break disco pose! (It looks like it was just us, but there were ~20 other people there, too. I guess there are those who flock to camera fun...and those who scatter :-P :-D)


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