*THE* Best Valentine's EVER

Are you ready to see *THE* cutest Valentine EVER?!?!

I helped run Annelise's class Valentine's party last Friday with two of my friends whose daughters are also in our same class:

We had the most fantastic actual Valentine's Day Saturday, as well. No flowers. No kitschy junk. Just true love reflected in our family. :-)
*JB went out to Starbucks first thing to bring us all our faves: bacon & gouda breakfast sandwiches for the kids & my 7-pump no-water chai latte for me! It might sound silly, but this speaks love so very deeply to me!!! Way more than any card or expensive-&-soon-to-die flowers.
*We then all went over to our church for our 2nd annual Run 4 The Children! (Dedicated post coming...) It was BEYOND WONDERFUL to have JB there with us this year!!!!! Truly a family affair!
*That afternoon, Will had a basketball game - and not only did his team WIN, but he scored 5 points!!! 2 baskets, as well as sinking his first free throw of the season during a game.
*We tried a new pizza place for dinner all together and got beloved bubble tea for dessert (both of my fave teas on the same day = my ultra fave celebration!!!) before dropping the kids off at our gymnastics gym for Open Gym play night while JB & I went out to the movies and saw The Imitation Game. (So glad I got to see it before the Oscars!)

I doubt it could have been a more perfect day: Sbux, exciting family outdoor fest, kid's sporting event, going out to eat, double teas, and date night!!! Even the weather was amazing with sunny high 70's. My ideal. :-)

What does your ideal celebration day look like?


  1. That does sound like a fun day! We didn't do much, although we did take the boat out. Since our anniversary is three days afterward, we concentrate on that.

  2. Awww, that's right! Happiest anniversary (again ;-))!!! We've never made a big deal over Valentine's, either. I think it's b/c we didn't set an early precedent - we didn't get to celebrate a Valentine's Day together until we had been dating for 3 years! (Our first, I was living in Germany; our 2nd, I was in NC & JB was in WI. :-P)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful Valentine's Day! My husband and I did go out to eat Saturday night - something we usually avoid on that day since it's so busy in the restaurants, but we had reservations and my husband had been out of town for several days, so we used that time for the two of us to catch up!


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