The BIG Cheer Election

This last week was the big election for who will take over running the entire cheer program for our youth football league. Each candidate had to submit their qualifications. Mine:

*High retention rate
*Time to devote
*Public speaking & leadership experience
*Reliability & commitment
*Recruiting success
*Motivational with positive encouragement

I have been the head cheer coach of the soon-to-be senior varsity Falcons for the past two years. It's the biggest squad in our league, but more importantly than size, I have one of the largest cheer retention rates in the league. I had 13 of 15 back last year and will have 16 of 18 back this year. Retention is a big goal. We have to make these girls & their families *want* to return, and I've shown that I have not only a high quality of instruction, but also the positive attitude to encourage this retention. Last year, all 18 girls on my squad were registered by March 25.

I've coached for 3 seasons in our league; we signed up the week we moved here three July's ago. Before that, I coached cheer in 2 other leagues where we lived in Michigan & in Georgia, so I bring a unique perspective in having seen how other cheer programs work, as well.

I'm currently a stay-at-home mom with a part-time job two days a week; I have two children, one in 3rd & one in 5th, so I have the time to invest in this position.

I have no problems with public speaking. I choreographed & led both our cheer camps this year and our Coach Certification Day. I've also served in the leadership and as local chapter presidents of two national volunteer organizations, (Junior League & MOPS.)

I am reliable. I never miss games, I encourage max participation in our league events, and I don't skip out at the last minute on anything I've committed to attend.

This last year on the Cheer Committee, I was the divisional director of both the junior flag & mighty mite cheer divisions. I personally recruited TEN coaches - a new coach for all eight of those squads - as well as another rookie coach & a senior varsity coach, because those divisional directors asked for help. I've proven that I'm skilled at motivating people to participate and do so with lots of encouragement and positivity. I've done a lot of troubleshooting with coaches and parents. Even coaches from outside of my divisions have sought me out for advice, because they feel comfortable talking to me, they know I'm available & will respond quickly, and they know that I'm very positive & encouraging.

I have already recruited 3 new members to our Cheer Committee. (We had 7 members this last year.) I recruited a new cheer uniform chair and have been actively working with her for the last 2 months on our new uniform design & finding the best package for this coming year. I also developed & sent out an online survey to all the cheer coaches in November to get their feedback on the season, while it was still fresh in their minds. From the responses, I already have a solid list of improvements I'm excited to implement this year, including better communication with the football coaches and marketing our league in the off-season by offering our cheerleaders the opportunity to march in a local parade (Feb. 21st) & perhaps perform a halftime dance at a spring festival in conjunction with a walk-up registration.

It's very important to me that the face of our league's cheer program be extremely positive and encouraging. That's key to retention and growth. I have leadership experience with other volunteer organizations, as well as having shown my dedication and motivational skills within our league. I have the time at this point my life to properly tackle this position, and I believe I've proven in my few years here so far that I make our league a priority.


And..... I won. :-)

Our league also opened registration earlier than ever (right after the election, instead of in March) so between registration and every cheerleader - new & returning - needing a new uniform this year (since we have an awesome new design; in years past, returners could pay less & use their uniform from the year before - but not this year) I'm swamped! Happily so, b/c I LOOOVE getting to help our people QUICKLY & EFFICIENTLY, instead of leaving them hanging & out-of-the-loop...but, yeah. If I'm not around as much, assume it's cheer. ;-)

Here are our new uniforms:
(This is the vendor's sample. Our squad's will be red where the yellow is and say "FALCONS" instead of "HEATH".) I'm so excited for as little stain-magnet white as possible! :-D

Coming soon: Will's latest basketball games and Junior High registration...


  1. Wow, after reading all of that, I was certainly ready to give you a number of positions!! :) Congratulations and best wishes on a super year in cheer!!

  2. THANK YOU!!! :-D I definitely feel like God has brought me to do this, and I'm so excited to see what He's going to do!


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