Football Friday Nights: 3 TDs?!

Ahhhhh, we're back to Football Friday Nights - all is right with the world! :-)

It's our spring 7-on-7 passing league season. On the way to the games this Friday night, Will said his goal was to score 3 touchdowns this week, [after he scored 2 last week - unreal! He plays defensive end (not typically a scoring position ;-)) in fall tackle! I was flipping out!!!] JB & I agreed with smiles, "That's a great goal, Bud," knowing it was such an extreme reach, but not 100% impossible, in light of his stunning performance the week before.

Y'all, HE SCORED *THREE TDS* IN OUR GAME VS. OUR WORST RIVALS!!!! Two as wide receiver on offense and one defensive interception he ran back. He is the ONLY KID ON OUR WHOLE TEAM who has scored against them = FIVE touchdowns in the last two weeks!!! I can't even process this... 2 + 3 = 5

Plus, the SPRINKLER SYSTEM turned on in the middle of the game!!! Whaaaaaaaat?!?!?! Our games vs. these foes can never be drama-free...

Funny beforehand: our football team colors are red, black, & white, but we were also playing another red & white team, so I didn't want to wear red, but I own virtually no black. I audibly voiced that this is upsetting to me, b/c I like to be extremely spirited. Will responded: "It's ok - your voice is the MOST spirited!" Will FTW!!! ‪#‎footballmom ‪#‎spiritismylife


  1. It does seem that all's right with the world now that I'm seeing football pics here again!! ;) Congrats to Will on those TD's!

  2. What fun! To score three touchdowns in one game! Against your biggest rivals! I bet you are one proud mama!

  3. YES!!! I am *STILL* bursting over here!!! :-D

  4. WOW I know you were proud, fantastic Will


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