Cheer Work

My life is now *happily* cheer work...almost 24/7! I am LOVING making this program better - fixing all of the mistakes that have been made, and esp. improving our quality of experience. But it is WORK. A LOT of it. We have to have all our uniform orders in this week to have a chance of them getting in by the first game, and b/c they're all new & custom-sized this year, we have to reach out & get the specific measurements of every new girl who registers online - no guessing. (The girls who registered January-May attended 1 of 5 walk-up fitting events we had, so we got to measure them in person.) I've got 7 cheer squads who need more girls, so we're in recruiting overdrive. I need to recruit 8 cheer coaches and choreograph the Cheer Camp/Opening Ceremonies dance, and I have nonstop coaches emailing me with issues. (That's a good thing, though, b/c it means we are actually communicating, instead of them being in the dark!) I also have to design & run my whole big Cheer Coach Certification Day 7/25 and Cheer Camp 8/8. I've already rewritten the Coaching Handbook (whew!) ...which I honestly don't think had EVER been updated, beyond changing the dates year-to-year. Yeah...

Another huge "cheer redemption" project: for years - LITERALLY YEARS - no one bothered to inventory the extra cheer uniforms in our storage unit. The old Uniform Chair just went ahead and ordered more & more & more & more, without ever knowing what was in there!!! Talk about a sickening waste of resources... THOUSANDS & THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!!! When I got approval to update the design this year, I had NO IDEA (apparently no one did *eye roll*) how many wasted, pristine uniforms were in there.

Sooooo, my AMAZING Cheer Committee did the work nobody else would: sorting & cataloging by team & size every cheer uniform in our old design. Now we are going to donate ALL of them to "Cheer For A Cause", so that girls who couldn't otherwise afford to cheer will now have the chance!
Here's to cleaning house & doing good for others!!!


  1. Sounds like you're loving all this cheer work! :)

  2. I *really* am! It's tiring. I'm exhausted. And the season doesn't even start for another month!!! :-D But I just KNOW *this* is exactly what God wants me to be doing right now. I even got the chance to pray over a squad this morning with another lady on my Cheer Committee - it's the BEST feeling!!! :-)


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