VBS 2015: Journey Off the Map

The kids had their 4th year of VBS last week at a church right down the street. FOURTH YEAR?!?! What a dream to be able to type that! We've lived in the SAME PLACE for FOUR SUMMERS now!!! *heart bursting* It's not our home church here, (our church does VBS next week in the evenings, which is the same time as football camp every year, so we can never do it; that's why we found this one that's close, quality, & does mornings) and because it's so close, tons of the kids' friends from school attend, too. It's like a fun summer reunion! The best part: it's for kids who have completed through 6th grade, so Will can even go next year one last time! (He's aged out almost everywhere else.) They did the Journey Off the Map theme this year. Annelise is passionate about the verse:

Thankful for another high quality summer experience:


  1. I've always loved VBS, as a child and now as a worker and a parent. Sadly, this was my younger daughter's last year to attend as she will be too old next summer. However, she can now join my older daughter in helping out w/ VBS (they do puppets, serve as classroom helpers, etc.) which is fun, too!!

  2. I've always loved it so much, too! That's the *only* drawback to this fave one not being at our home church - not being able to work it in the future. :'(


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