Starting 4th Grade & Junior High

Monday was the first day of Junior High (6th grade) for Will (Falcons are back in black this year!!!) and of 4th for Annelise (rocking a skirt she sewed herself & her 1st pair of Converse. :-)) I still get 1 more year to walk in with her...

I didn't feel like I wanted to cry at all - not as he scooted down the street by himself, not when I closed the door, not when I walked in with Annelise ...until I walked by Will's former 5th grade teacher on my way out of the elementary school & thought for a split second, "He's not here..." :'( But he's sooo ready for JH!

Annelise's report: everything is awesome. She loves school. It's her happiest place on earth. Nothing new. :-P Oh, except that her switch-class teacher, Mrs. Potts, is obsessed with Erin Condren...and now SHE'S decided she's obsessed, too!!! She spent 2 hours choosing the designer notebook of her dreams yesterday: "beautiful reasons - deluxe notebook" She neeeeeds this, y'all! ;-)

Will's report: it's good. (This is HUGE! School has not been his fave.) He loooves... - wait for it - CHOIR! *insert pealing bells of joy* He's thrilled to have PE every day. He has worked his locker every single time with no problem whatsoever. He already knows what they're doing in PreAP Math this week. (The other elementary that feeds into his JH apparently didn't get as far as his class did. :-P) I told him to enjoy having it easy in there, b/c it's going to get HARD. He said that's WHY he loves math, "b/c it's a challenge." Be still my heart. He loves finally getting to sit wherever he wants with friends for lunch. He's been getting his homework done in Advisory (a little study hall period - he'll have way more homework ahead, but it's nice for this slow first week!) English & Reading (his notoriously least faves) are "fine". Social Studies was the one negative. (NOOOOO! That's *MY* fave!!!) Apparently the teacher is not super sweet and snapped at him twice for forgetting to get a paper on Monday & again on Tuesday. I told him to give her the benefit of the doubt; maybe she's having a rough start this week? (I hope so!) I bet him he surely wasn't going to forget to grab that paper, again, though!!! ;-) And maybe he's due: he's never had a "mean" teacher before in his life! :-P :-D To end the day, in stark contrast, "Science is my FAVORITE! I love the teacher SO MUCH, because she talks like this [very enthusiastically] just like you do, and she's so excited, it makes me excited!" Could I love him more? I think not...


  1. Oh my goodness, could Annelise be any more of your "mini-me" than in that first picture of her??!! So cute! Glad they're both getting off to a good start for the school year!

  2. You are SOOO SWEET to say that!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! :-)


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