Will at 11 + Baby DVDs

Will turned 11 two weeks ago on August 6th. Eleven...

When Will was knocked out with strep a few weeks ago (yes, Will, too; he's how *I* got it August 1st :-P) he wanted to pull out some DVDs. We *NEVER* watch DVDs, b/c we have so much DVRed, and we're never just sitting around to watch, anyway; but this rare time, we were. He found his old baby DVDs that I had made of his & Annelise's first years of life. I told him he could try, but I was worried they wouldn't play, anymore, b/c they wouldn't work in the van DVD player... He inserted disc one, I held my breath, ...and there my pregnant-self appeared, painting his nursery!!! Y'all, my heart did somersaults. I couldn't believe these old DVDs still worked!!! I hadn't seen this footage in at least 6 or 7 years... and I can't tell you how THANKFUL I am to have it!!!!! And now to be able to share it with Will & Annelise... To hear their precious baby voices, again... To see their movements... I got Will's actual first steps & first words. (I was quick with that video camera. ;-)) And to think now, it could all be captured instantly & shared via our phones! :-P This was only 11 years ago!!! But pre-iPhone, and pre-camera phone for Will. I stopped making the DVDs around when Will turned 5 and Annelise 3, b/c we got a new camera whose files wouldn't convert, and our desktop computer could barely handle the movie-making process. I started putting all those clips online...but yeah: to have these first few years on DVD is priceless. How could I have forgotten they used to call breakfast cereal "bah-bahtch"? And the way that less-than-2-year-old Will would talk to infant Sissy...

So when bday #11 rolled around a couple weeks later, I was freshly off the emotional mama rollercoaster! :-D

Will at 11: he is sensitive & fiercely loyal. He has deep faith, and he has pride in whatever he's involved with. No one has more team spirit! I love this weird age: he is very independent and trustworthy...but he still *wants* to snuggle with me sometimes. :-)

So ecstatic over his Falcons Fathead wall stickers:

He had a "Nerf War" bday party the afternoon of Sunday, the 9th. I didn't know what a "Nerf War" party would entail, but he came up with what he wanted! We did cake, and then he & his buddies played different Nerf games at the park, (think paintball & capture the flag, but with Nerf :-D) before we all jumped into the pool!

11-year-old Will Q&A:
1. What is your favorite color? Red
2. What is your favorite toy? Tweetsie model train
3. What is your favorite fruit? Mango
4. What is your favorite tv show or movie? Big Brother or Survivor
5. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Sandwich at school
6. What is your favorite game? Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
7. What is your favorite snack? Cheezits
8. What is your favorite animal? Falcon
9. What is your favorite song? "Uma Thurman" & "Thanks for the Memories" both by Fall Out Boy
10. What is your favorite book? Garfield
11. Who is your best friend? Grayson at school, Jace on football
12. What is your favorite cereal? Trader Joe's Honey Nut O's
13. What is your favorite thing to do outside? Football
14. What is your favorite drink? Milk
15. What is your favorite holiday? Easter for Peepshi
16. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Surrounding myself with every stuffed animal, Nerf guns at the ready, LED light, & loud fan
17. What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Trader Joe's Vanilla Greek yogurt
18. What do you want to eat on your birthday? Grimaldi's
19. What do you want to be when you grow up? Football player or game designer
20. Imagine that you can become invisible whenever you wanted to. What are some of the things you would do? Get past everyone to score a TD
21. I am very proud because… I have awesome football skills.
22. If I were President I would… make there only be 5 months allowed to campaign for president - none of this stuff like a year & a half ahead. (Preach, son! :-D)
23. I am afraid to... get shots & blood work. & of snakes.
24. Name one thing you do really well: play football
25. Describe what it means to be a good friend. Be nice, caring, selfless - that's really the core.
26. What is your favorite time of day? 6 PM, when it gets cool outside.
27. Describe your best day ever: going to Tweetsie early
28. Describe your favorite hobby: playing football
29. Climbing trees is… not my thing.
30. I wish there were a law that said… electricity is free.
31. What makes you feel sad? Losing someone in my family
32. What makes you feel happy? Playing football
33. Pretend that you can fly whenever you wanted. Where would you go? Italy
34. If I could choose a different name, I would choose… X-Factor or Bob
35. Where do you want to go on vacation? Atlanta to a Falcons game in their new stadium
36. What is your favorite thing to do with Mom or Dad? Dad - football, Mom - make awesome desserts, like s'mores


  1. Loved reading all about Will! Happy belated birthday to him!!


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