First Round Win

Our Falcons won our first-round playoff game 28-0 on 11/7!!! ❤🏈❤🏈 The chilly rain began right before halftime, but my girls still rocked their show, even though my flyer opposite Annelise (A is the horizontal flyer on the right in the stunt; she was supposed to have another girl mirror her) bailed b/c of the weather literally 30 seconds before halftime! :-O Her dad didn't know it was that close to performance & made her go, but we scrambled to make the best of it. Not too bad, considering:

Then we made the best of it (certainly helped that we were winning ;-)) and had a BLAST marching up & down the sideline, following the action & cheering under our umbrella huddle! :-D (Plus, it's not like we could get wetter or colder. ;-))

The second round of playoffs is tomorrow, Saturday 11/14. We play at 2 PM CST, and if we win, we'll get to play in the championship Turf Bowl for the first time EVER... Lift up prayers of strength, focus, & excellence for our team!!!


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