Christmas Carol Blessings

We had an absolutely magical experience Wednesday night: I chaperoned Will's 6th grade boys choir class Christmas caroling (I hadn't house-to-house neighborhood caroled in over 20 years!) after cookies & cocoa. The boys were WONDERFUL: confident, eager, led themselves, and sang beautifully!!!

At the house in the top pic below, the lady got teary and was obviously very moved. As we finished, she said, "You have no idea how much this meant. The man behind me almost died a week & a half ago, and we're here with our friends tonight who prayed for him. Christmas has just come early, and you have blessed us so much! You just will never know!" You *don't* always know the impact you can have... ♥


  1. What a neat experience!!! Hope y'all have a good pre-Christmas weekend!


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