Thursday, May 28, 2015

Not Flooded + Big May Catch Up

Thankfully, we have not been flooded in Texas's historic rains! We got 6.5" of rain in just a few hours Monday night, (the thunder was AMAZING!!! big storms are my fave,) but our neighborhood section drained really well. We escaped every bit of serious damage, but so many of my Zumba members living in the city are dealing with loss & cleanup this week. Praying for provision, recovery, and comfort...

So rewind back to last week, pre-deluge:

I am so blessed by my Zumba members who share their lives with me. It is an honor & a privilege! This is my friend from Kuwait, and she comes & rocks out every week while still staying within her cultural norms of being covered. Not in a full abaya, but always hijab (veil) - sure, not your typical Zumba wear, but I love how her joy & spirit are not the least bit inhibited. She's one of the most enthusiastic dancers, radiating light & love! Travel mercies for her as she heads back to her country to visit for a couple months...

I taught all 5 sessions of Junior Achievement in one day to Will's 5th grade class last Thursday. I taught the program JA Our Nation. It was much more focused on work readiness than Annelise's class program, which was more focused on financial literacy. This one was heavy on STEM: "Students learn that businesses are actively seeking workers with skills in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). They'll understand that people who have these STEM skills benefit from a growing number of opportunities in what are called high-growth, high-demand careers." I so regret not getting a pic of our global economy business web made of twine around the room!!! :-D I wish I could have had the time to come in for longer on 5 different days like I did for Annelise's class, to get to know them better, and for the info to sink in over a longer period of time, but Will said they loved it. [HUGE DEAL to have his approval, as tween-ness is making my presence at school a less-desirable, more "embarrassing" phenomenon. :-P]

A *MAJOR* household deal occurred last week, as well: I broke down and agreed it was finally time to replace our falling-apart couch. Our family couch is our #1 most used item in our whole house, so I took replacing it very seriously. We like a sectional, so the 4 of us are a little more connected when we're all having family time, but this one is bigger than the last and will easily hold 4 adults + 2 kids + 1 dog = no problem. :-P Seating had been a little cramped when grandparents came. :-D

We did not do very much for Memorial Day weekend (thanks to the forecast rains) except for Saturday, we drove down to Surfside:
So thankful to be able to hop in the truck & be on the beach in just over an hour... The sky was really beautifully blue with puffy white clouds - totally not grey, like it looks in that pic!

These skies are more accurate: my view in front of me, behind me, & of the best beach sleep you can get...
(PS - the one place I forgot sunscreen...was my KNEES! What?!?!)

Random deliciousness: I finally got to try "The Tonight Dough": Caramel & Chocolate Ice Creams with Chocolate Cookie Swirls & Gobs of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Peanut Butter Cookie Dough. Ice cream can heal sunburnt knees from the inside out, right??? Thus began my ‪#‎4dayweekendbinge...

So, fast forward back through the torrential rains to the present. I'm on Praise Team this week, and we certainly made rehearsal fun last night! :-P No real reason to share these, other than they made me smile. :-D

Ahead: kids' end-of-grade celebrations, 7-on-7 football finals tomorrow night, & our last big in-person registration event for our youth football league Saturday...

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New Cheer Uniform Photo Shoot (Fail?)

My first initiative when I was elected to take over as our youth football league's cheer director was to update our uniforms! We'd had the same design forever...and it was awful. Every team had a huge white background on top with their team name in one color - no style. And who chooses WHITE to be a main color on EVERY uniform in the league? For little girls on dirty football fields and many with nasty, staining post-game snacks??? My goal: on-trend look and as little white as possible!

My squad was the first to max out, so we went ahead and ordered our squad's uniforms in the new design, so we could take some pictures and actually have something to advertise with! ...But the one day we could get together & do a photo shoot back in April backfired on us: the weather was horrific! Cold, crazy wind - we literally got *ONE* useable shot, without all pained grimaces or blowing hair totally covering faces:

Our photographer came to the park by our house a few days later to reshoot a few of just me & Annelise for a magazine story (which, after we scrambled to get ANY pics, we never heard back on; oh well, at least we got a couple cute posterity shots :-P)

So, yeah. Pretty much a bust, unless we just need pics of me as VP of Cheer, because you can't see the complete uniform design (esp. the skirt detail) in any of them. :-P (This is my personal flaw when working with professional photogs: I always give total creative freedom to call the shots, b/c I believe they know more than I do and that they have a better eye...but as the daughter of a professional photographer & with quite a good eye myself, I need to speak up a little. ;-))

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Holey Soles

Y'all - I have literally danced HOLES through the soles of my shoes!!! :-O No wonder my toes started going numb last week! :-P Let's see if Dr. Scholl's can save my FAVE Zumba shoes EVER!!! *fingers crossed*
I'm high impact! ;-)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Week Histrionics

We will not be following the school's daily PTA-suggested Teacher Appreciation Week themed things next year, unless my kids prep each day A WEEK IN ADVANCE. :-P I am *not* up for tears over an intricate turquoise Rainbow Loom bracelet that didn't turn out (after giving up on sewing bags with turquoise fabric) & the ensuing drama after 8 PM b/c, "BUT TOMORROW IS TURQUOISE DAY!!! I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING ELSE TURQUOISE TO GIVE!!!!!! Do we *sniff, sniff* have blue food coloring, *sniff, sniff* so I can make an apple tart & dye *sniff, sniff* the apples blue?" No, child. Make a card with turquoise markers & GET IN BED! :-D

Our school did a different color theme each day of the week this year, and I LOVELOVELOVE the dress-up spirit aspect!!! But I couldn't convince my kids that it REALLY WAS ok to give a yellow gift on Tuesday, even though yellow day was Monday. *eye roll*

In the school's defense, the daily color & gift suggestion list was sent out a couple weeks in advance, and TRULY, there was NO school pressure to participate. It's just my crazy daughter who prepares NOTHING ahead of time & then flips out when she can't do something that's above & beyond. :-P She is always OBSESSED with her teachers! :-) I don't fall into the Pinterest parent one-upmanship trap, so that's not an issue - our token gifts come from Will & Annelise, not me. And the suggestions weren't asking for much - like replenishing supplies: a highlighter on yellow day, post-its on turquoise, black sharpies on black & White day, etc. (Teacher Appreciation Week was supposed to be small stuff; they encourage a class gift card or bigger thing for teachers' bdays.) Or you could buy absolutely nothing & just write a card. My beef is just with my nutball daughter who always wants to do this huge - like sewing projects & dyeing baked goods - but doesn't get in gear until bedtime. ;-)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Remembering Grandmommy, celebrating my mom, & thanking God for giving me the chance to truly understand the depth of their love for me by letting me become a mother, too...

Mother's Day photo booth at church! (Will was in his class ;-))

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Football Friday Nights: 3 TDs?!

Ahhhhh, we're back to Football Friday Nights - all is right with the world! :-)

It's our spring 7-on-7 passing league season. On the way to the games this Friday night, Will said his goal was to score 3 touchdowns this week, [after he scored 2 last week - unreal! He plays defensive end (not typically a scoring position ;-)) in fall tackle! I was flipping out!!!] JB & I agreed with smiles, "That's a great goal, Bud," knowing it was such an extreme reach, but not 100% impossible, in light of his stunning performance the week before.

Y'all, HE SCORED *THREE TDS* IN OUR GAME VS. OUR WORST RIVALS!!!! Two as wide receiver on offense and one defensive interception he ran back. He is the ONLY KID ON OUR WHOLE TEAM who has scored against them = FIVE touchdowns in the last two weeks!!! I can't even process this... 2 + 3 = 5

Plus, the SPRINKLER SYSTEM turned on in the middle of the game!!! Whaaaaaaaat?!?!?! Our games vs. these foes can never be drama-free...

Funny beforehand: our football team colors are red, black, & white, but we were also playing another red & white team, so I didn't want to wear red, but I own virtually no black. I audibly voiced that this is upsetting to me, b/c I like to be extremely spirited. Will responded: "It's ok - your voice is the MOST spirited!" Will FTW!!! ‪#‎footballmom ‪#‎spiritismylife

Friday, May 1, 2015

Austin Day Trip: The Salt Lick, Wildflowers, Lick

We took our first trip to Austin on Sunday: 1st stop - The Salt Lick for some of Texas' most famous barbeque! It absolutely lived up to the hype. Check out the pit in the middle of the restaurant:
And the wall of fresh pies:
Their brisket was excellent, and especially exciting: I love their barbeque sauce! It's a sweet vinegar/mustard based sauce = my heaven. My fave side: their potato salad - it's also got a vinegar base, German-style.

We walked off our brunch feast at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, a botanical garden dedicated to creating a more sustainable earth through research and education. We missed the bluebonnets by just about a week :'( but it was still lovely:

Finally, we cooled off by fulfilling a Unique Sweets dream off Cooking Channel at Lick - honest ice creams. Some of the best ice cream in our lives! I love crazy fusion flavors & fresh, local ingredients: