Friday, July 31, 2015

Zumba Class Pics

I never get any pics during my Zumba classes, which, of course, bums my pic-obsessed-self out. I would love to have someone capture the joy, the hard work, the love in my class!!! So I was thrilled when my friend, Kirsten, came in Monday and didn't say a word, but just started snapping some pics. ♥ ♥ ♥ It just makes my heart happy to share a big part of my life. ♥

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cheer Coach Certification

I ran my big Cheer Coach Certification Day on Saturday for over 50 ladies, teaching them how to be cheer coaches in our youth football league. It was the culmination of over six months of work (and three full seasons of taking notes on what I wanted to improve & clarify! ;-)) It was a huge success...and I wish I could say now we sit back & coast, but now we really JUST GET STARTED!!!

My amazing Cheer Committee cheertators:

Me teaching:

We also taught them our new 2015 Hello Cheer & Cheer Camp dance we made up:

All of the positive feedback that poured in made us feel so good - people are really getting our heightened positivity, responsibility, and passion for this program!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Quiet 37

My birthday last week was the quietest of my life. We had a volunteering session that morning at Lunches of Love (which *was* rewarding! I didn't plan for it to be on my bday; that was just the day that worked for everyone else) with Will's best school friends & a bunch of my cheerleaders:
It was work: packing 3,200 lunches for kids who wouldn't otherwise get a regular meal with school being out = huge.

We went to grab a bite of Vietnamese about 3 PM, before Will had football camp, and I had a Cheer Committee meeting that night:

That was it. JB left before dawn Friday morning - Sunday to visit friends from Chicago.

I did get two presents, though: a Starbucks card from JB's parents, and Godiva chocolate from Wendy!!! SO THANKFUL!!! Absolutely made my week!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Sunday, July 19, 2015

July Life

July life is still 80% cheer, 10% Zumba, 5% Praise Team, and 5% down time. :-P On the cheer front, I *DID* get coaches recruited for ALL 34 cheer squads I'm running and they're all up to the minimum number of girls, our Cheer Coach Certification Day on 7/25 is planned out, our Cheer Camp (8/8) dance & cheer we're also performing at Opening Ceremonies on 8/15 are choreographed, our major uniform orders are in, and now we're trying to get all of the stragglers to registration measured for their uniforms, along with fielding nonstop parent & coach questions. :-D Eventually, I need to work on some stuff for my own Falcons squad...but I'm not worried...yet. ;-) I realized I don't feel super inspired for cheer choreo right now (beyond the Camp dance) b/c I have Zumba choreo I need to do first for my *actual job* - the one at the gym that actually PAYS me! :-D

Randoms from the other 5%:

I went beast-mode housewife (in a dress, no less! I think I was channeling The Astronaut Wives Club :-D Hey, it was comfy!) on the big bush in front of our house. It had grown up to the top of the windows!!!

I've been CRAVING Pondi Bars since my mom & I discovered them back in April, so I decided after Zumba on Monday, since we were already halfway into the city, that THAT was the day!!! Mmmmmmm... Soooooo good! I also got my fave chocolate chili cookies, and Annelise got this mason jar trifle with lemon curd, fresh cut mango, housemade granola, and freshly whipped cream:

Will had football conditioning camp from 6-8 PM this last week. (Tackling camp is this coming week.) I worked our league Board duty, and (as you can obviously see! :-P) the breeze was great!!!
(OK, so that was still football league stuff, so not really the other 5%. :-D)

Guess what this week is, though?!?!? MY BIRTHDAY IS THURSDAY!!! Hello, 37 on Thursday!!!!! Bring on the hoopla! ;-)

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Killen's Barbecue

Last Saturday, we made a pilgrimage with some our of best Texas BFFs before they move back to Virginia next week. :'( We had to do something Texas bucket we headed to Killen's Barbecue: the No. 2 rated barbecue destination in America for its smoked brisket!!!

It did NOT disappoint. We waited in line for under an hour (that's awesome on a Saturday at 12:30 PM, y'all! :-P) while staff brought free keg beer to those in line who wanted it and water to those of us who didn't. They also had several umbrellas to shade us from the sun until our section of the line got up under the HUGE shady oak tree, at which point we passed the umbrellas back to those now in the sun. :-) It was totally pleasant!

Inside, we ordered ALLLLL the meats! :-D The brisket was as amazing as touted, but I actually loved their pulled pork! (What can I say, it's just my fave meat ever.) I'm getting that next time with their stellar baked beans!!! The ribs were also outstanding. I got their bread pudding, b/c it's one of my fave desserts, and I fancy myself a bread pudding connoisseur: y'all, it's made out of croissants!!! HEAVENLY! Random super star condiment: their bread & butter pickle slices! They were so good, we filled a to-go box with them. Not kidding.

Friday, July 17, 2015

VBS 2015: Journey Off the Map

The kids had their 4th year of VBS last week at a church right down the street. FOURTH YEAR?!?! What a dream to be able to type that! We've lived in the SAME PLACE for FOUR SUMMERS now!!! *heart bursting* It's not our home church here, (our church does VBS next week in the evenings, which is the same time as football camp every year, so we can never do it; that's why we found this one that's close, quality, & does mornings) and because it's so close, tons of the kids' friends from school attend, too. It's like a fun summer reunion! The best part: it's for kids who have completed through 6th grade, so Will can even go next year one last time! (He's aged out almost everywhere else.) They did the Journey Off the Map theme this year. Annelise is passionate about the verse:

Thankful for another high quality summer experience:

Monday, July 6, 2015

Cheer Work

My life is now *happily* cheer work...almost 24/7! I am LOVING making this program better - fixing all of the mistakes that have been made, and esp. improving our quality of experience. But it is WORK. A LOT of it. We have to have all our uniform orders in this week to have a chance of them getting in by the first game, and b/c they're all new & custom-sized this year, we have to reach out & get the specific measurements of every new girl who registers online - no guessing. (The girls who registered January-May attended 1 of 5 walk-up fitting events we had, so we got to measure them in person.) I've got 7 cheer squads who need more girls, so we're in recruiting overdrive. I need to recruit 8 cheer coaches and choreograph the Cheer Camp/Opening Ceremonies dance, and I have nonstop coaches emailing me with issues. (That's a good thing, though, b/c it means we are actually communicating, instead of them being in the dark!) I also have to design & run my whole big Cheer Coach Certification Day 7/25 and Cheer Camp 8/8. I've already rewritten the Coaching Handbook (whew!) ...which I honestly don't think had EVER been updated, beyond changing the dates year-to-year. Yeah...

Another huge "cheer redemption" project: for years - LITERALLY YEARS - no one bothered to inventory the extra cheer uniforms in our storage unit. The old Uniform Chair just went ahead and ordered more & more & more & more, without ever knowing what was in there!!! Talk about a sickening waste of resources... THOUSANDS & THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!!! When I got approval to update the design this year, I had NO IDEA (apparently no one did *eye roll*) how many wasted, pristine uniforms were in there.

Sooooo, my AMAZING Cheer Committee did the work nobody else would: sorting & cataloging by team & size every cheer uniform in our old design. Now we are going to donate ALL of them to "Cheer For A Cause", so that girls who couldn't otherwise afford to cheer will now have the chance!
Here's to cleaning house & doing good for others!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sleep-Away Camp

Will & Annelise went to their FIRST sleep-away camp together last week! (It was Will's 2nd camp, but his 1st in TX & 1st with his sister. :-)) They attended PreTeen Camp at Highland Lakes on Lake Travis outside Austin with our church, Sunday - Wednesday. (It's for kids having completed 3rd-5th grades = the only opportunity they'd ever have to go together. :-))

Heading out:

They didn't take cameras, but I did get to see a tiny glimpse of a few activities via the camp's FB site!

Apparently, Will got into the photo booth:

Annelise rocked this game ("Get Back to Back") during worship that ALL ~200 campers started out playing...and that she & one other boy ended up tying to win!

Will playing water dodge ball:


Water sliding - the pool was her fave part of camp:

Will's favorite part of camp was shooting bb guns and riding the banana boats in the lake. :-)

Annelise prayed & asked Jesus into her heart Tuesday night. ♥ ♥ ♥ She has always believed & openly asked questions, so I wondered when she'd decide for herself that it's true, instead of just something her parents say. I am loving talking to her about what this means to her.


Saturday, July 4, 2015

Falcons on the 4th

We had our 3rd Annual Falcons Family 4th of July Float Extravaganza this Saturday morning! More cheerleaders + more football players = more fun!


The officers in the parade wanted to come hang out with us while we decorated!



Coolest parade collage from one my cheer dads:

Purple Hair

Because cool moms will dye a shock of their own hair purple when their daughter wants purple tips...

(We used L’Oreal Liquid Chalk from Sally Beauty! I just put it on her tips, combed through, & dried (on dry hair.) The bottle says it lasts 2 washes, but all of the comments online say that it lasts around 4. It lasted over a week on Annelise; I applied mine MUCH thicker, and I can still see some pink 5 washes later. LOVE IT!)