Tuesday, September 29, 2015

2015 School Pics

Will's 6th Grade and Annelise's 4th Grade school pics...

(Now that he sees it, Will *finally* says that yes, he should have agreed to get his hair cut before the pic. :-P Not that he doesn't still look great, but he looks older & more like himself with the sides better buzz-blended into the top. Speaking of looking older, I was stunned by Annelise's pic - I don't know if you can tell in this side-by-side, by when I pulled her individual shot out of the folder, I thought it looked so much more mature!)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

University of Houston Cheer Clinic

We had an AMAZING experience last Sunday: University of Houston Cheerleading invited me to bring my whole youth league to a FREE all-day cheer clinic! (FREE!!! The 3-hour clinics put on by our local high school squads are usually $40-$50 per girl!) Only about a third could come, b/c it was on a Sunday with less than a week's notice; but for the ones of us who did go? We learned a TON, bonded closer not only with our squad but with the other girls in our league, and gained better technique & confidence. It was fantastic!

It was a "Teddy Bear" clinic, b/c every girl brought a new bear or book to donate to children with cancer! We got to do something good for others AND take this awesome clinic!!! WIN/WIN!
Yep, I got in on the stunting action, too! We couldn't let the girls have all the fun!!! :-P

Annelise also learned how to Superman sunt:

You know we sooooo worked this into this week's halftime show. ;-)

Friday, September 25, 2015

"A Different Beat" Cheer Dance & Falcons vs. Giants - Part One

We had a fabulous Falcons win, 33-7 over the Giants in our second regular season game last Saturday, September 19th! Will absolutely put on a Defensive End clinic: he had at least *20* tackles for a loss! My girls were INCREDIBLE: they put up two huge liberty stunts & SPUN them (‪#‎proudmom‬ - Annelise is on the left in the videos; she was like a STATUE!!!) and they nailed a kick line & two ripples -- all this with just TWO PRACTICES.

I have two different angles of the halftime dance. The first has a better view of the opening formation, but then gets shaky, b/c the mom stood up while filming. :-P

The second angle is more stable, but you can see me coaching in the corner, (ugh! :-P)

I love the song we used, too: "A Different Beat" by Little Mix. I actually heard it first on So You Think You Can Dance - I hated the dance they did to it, but the words (being proud of who you are, who God made you to be) are perfect for my girls, it has so many transitions, lots of rise & fall, and even marching band drums!

PICS! (Will = #24)

Check out Will stripping the ball!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

"Troop Beverly Hills" Girlie Night

I had the BEST spontaneous evening last Friday night! My BFF, Angie, and I relived our 80's youth at the "Troop Beverly Hills" Girlie Night Quote-Along movie at Alamo Drafthouse! We got to DRESS UP & keep these fab Wilderness Girl berets:

And get this: I even won a dance contest!!! Before the show, three audience members were chosen to have a dance off doing the Freddie (from the movie)...& the audience voted ME winner! :-D Angie got it on video:

Yep, that happened, and absolutely alcohol-free! :-P So thankful for a super silly night reliving one of my most fave early teen movies EVER!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"Uptown Funk" Cheer Dance & Falcons vs. Cowboys - Part One

We're playing almost every team in the league twice this season, which I actually love, b/c it gives us a second shot at them all! Our first regular season game of the year on September 12th was against our ├╝ber-nemesis: the Cowboys. We all know about their dirty, shady ways...but at least this time, they were the least underhanded they've been. (Again, not saying much, but...) We lost a heartbreaker, 0-6. We had a TD called back - it was gut-wrenching. I don't want to think about that final score. Let's focus on the positives: we still controlled the ball 80% of the time, Will played well, and my girls looked AMAZING!!! Our "Uptown Funk" halftime performance was awesome:

(Annelise is the flyer on the left in the stunt that crosses in front to the right.) If you would have told me we'd be doing double moving preps at the beginning of the year, I would have been skeptically excited...and since then? We blew that out of the water last week! (You'll have to wait for it in my future report re: us vs. the Giants, whenever I can get pics from the football fams! Spoiler alert: we won big. ;-))

Will = #24

[Will finally earned being a captain!]
[Check out Will sacking their QB!!! I cropped in on this one. For perspective, check out the full pic below. He was so fast to get through their line!]
[I love this - you can't see Will at all...except for his socks! He was the first defender to get to the ball carrier, and all of his teammates joined in the gang tackle! Will's socks are striped red, black, & white, with a yellow stripe at the top. I told him he needs to wear those every week for identification purposes. ;-)]
[I adore Annelise's joy here, coming through the parent tunnel at the end. Even though it was a heartbreaker, as evidenced on Sean's face, she never lost her spirit!]

Aaaaaaand we get the Cowboys, again, this Saturday... Yep, THIS Saturday. Thankful to be DONE with them after this week until the playoffs in Novemeber...and certainly planning on vengeance!!! :-D

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Fashion Show 2015

Apparently, this will become an annual tradition. :-P Even though I *almost missed* one of the only two days all year I care about clothes shopping, I still managed to score some amazing items! My focus was on tops, b/c I don't need any dresses, and they didn't have any shorts left that I loved.

I got TWO long-sleeved!!! The pink boatneck is so soft & flattering, and the navy coral is even a light sweater! (It was $24 down from $118!!!!! :-O)

Happy simple basic tee:

I am not a tube top girl, but I was in LOOOVE with this ("Pink Samba") print, and this was the only item left available in it. I am SO GLAD I pulled the trigger, b/c it's the first tube top I've ever worn that doesn't constantly slip down!!! (Now this may also be due to the fact that since I've lost so much body fat the last two years, I've also lost two full cup sizes, and there's not much left to push the top down, :-P but hey. I'll take it! :-D)

Finally: COATS! They were cheaper than the quilted coats at Costco right now, and they're Lilly print!!! Plus, mine is truly REVERSIBLE! Solid navy on the other side, if I ever want to be...quieter. ;-) (I wish I would have known how small her size ran. Annelise's fits fine now, but I doubt it will last for multiple years. Oh well.)