Constable, Classes, & Kind Words

I kind of flipped out when our doorbell rang after 9 PM Wednesday night, along with a very firm barrage of knocks. I hesitated to answer...and when I did, it was the POLICE! :-O Driving through the neighborhood, our local constable noticed JB's back truck door open & wondered if it had been broken into. JB never forgets to close a door, but nothing was missing, so it must have been a fluke. SO THANKFUL for this officer's initiative & service!!! Continued prayers of safety!

Thursday night was Will's 7th Grade Course Selection Info Night...and I didn't think I would be feeling all the feels at this!!! I *love* watching him grow up, but I can't lie that my heart was fluttering a bit. I felt much more confident going into this than last year, though - Will isn't really wavering on any class he wants to take - but it was affirming to get clarification on his choices. And y'all - football counts as a CLASS here!!! :-D (No, It doesn't replace an academic! It replaces basic, required PE. ;-))

Friday morning, *THIS* happened: the lady beside me in barbell said on the way out, "You really had a ton of weights loaded on your legs, and you still had such good form!" I have NEVER gotten a barbell compliment, and Words of Affirmation is my #1 Love Language - I can't even tell you how that simple, kind word has me flying on cloud 9!!! (I *did* tell her I have strong legs from Zumba & she should come take my class! ;-))


  1. My husband and I were just talking about our love languages! We know his, and I've narrowed mine down, but still not sure exactly which one is dominant.

  2. You are so kind, every time I read your comments you make me happy. Thank you for making another mom feel good. That is what we all need, right. Lifting each other up. You are beautiful, I am not sure about the form but you seem to a happy light in all you do and who you meet!!

  3. Tracey - mine are so clear, but JB's?! He has NO CLUE! :-P
    Katie - you just made my heart DANCE!!! Thank you for saying that!!! YES - always lifting each other up & up! :-)


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