End of Christmas Break

Over the end of Christmas break, I inked out prototypes of our committee collaboration for our 2016 cheer shirt:

Gelished my nails (with Christmas gift polish ♥) for the first time since I got stitches:

choreoed new Zumba, & digiscrapped August-December: 30 PAGES!!! (Alllll of football season = overwhelming!!!)

On Sunday, the 3rd, we watched my Skins & Texans win (yay, playoffs!) while eating crazy concoctions that Annelise made all day in the kitchen. She wanted to have a "CCD" (her invention: "Culinary Creation Day") & played Chopped for us: we gave her ingredients she had to use, and she made us dishes. Lots of hits & misses. :-P ;-) Particular thumbs up for peanut butter & jelly on jalapeño cornbread and a quesadilla with pumpkin seeds & fresh pears! :-D

I *LOVELOVELOVE* that our kids didn't go back to school until Tuesday! Somehow made it feel like a more gentle transition back... But we didn't sleep in on that last free day: Annelise woke up early Monday to help me shop my beloved biannual Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale! ♥ We got 3 shirts for me and a dress for her:
She came to Zumba with me (OMIGOSH - class killed! Holy post-holidays!), we hot tubbed, feasted at Sweet Paris Crêperie, and sang Adele's 25 at the top of our lungs! :-D Annelise's vacay was then topped off by finding *the* set of 100 gel pens we've searched for:
Ah, the magic of school supplies!!! :-D


  1. Sounds like a wonderfully fun day for you and Annelise!!


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