Outdoor Learning Center Field Trip

Annelise had a class field trip that I chaperoned this last Thursday to our Outdoor Learning Center. First off, let me say how impressed I am that our school district has stuff like this! It *is* why we moved specifically to this town, but it's extra satisfying to see it in practice!

"The facility consists of 34.5 acres of land, much of which is wooded. The buildings on the site include a science classroom/museum, a caretaker’s cottage, a history classroom/museum, and a large barn and a barnyard. The barnyard includes a windmill, a variety of farm animals and a small pond. A large garden area is located behind the barnyard area. A smaller demonstration garden is located across the street from the front of the barn. The center also has hard surface roads to the buildings, a 1.3 acre pond with piers and a bridge, and several wooded nature trails."

They explored the science museum, and I got to teach a station on butterflies, camouflage, & mimicry. We posed with a bear before moving to...

the pioneer classroom, where they experienced part of a general store, pioneer homemaking, local 19th century native American artifacts, and went through a typical pioneer classroom day, complete with standard headgear. ;-)


  1. Looks like a neat experience for the kids - and it looks like Annelise is getting tall!!

  2. Is it weird that I'm thankful to hear you notice that? I always feel like she is the tiniest thing for her age! :-D


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