What a Weekend

Will's basketball game was super exciting this Saturday, (although a child's sports game + me on vocal rest for singing the next day = doesn't work well!!! I can't not cheer!) He scored another basket this week, so two games in a row!!!

We found fantastic post-game fuel at the new Hoodadak Korean-Style Fried Chicken: biggest chicken wings EVER, 3 types of french fries, as well as a few actual Korean dishes - I love bulgogi!!! Annelise got this chicken dish that comes with cheese fondue! :-D The décor is sleek & clean and the service outstanding. Happy to make this a regular in our local restaurant rotation!

And just two doors down in the same center is Sweet Vivian's: their liquid nitrogen ice cream is AWESOME!!!!! We each tried a different flavor: Nutella, chocolate mint, peanut butter, & berry sorbet: I *hate* melty ice cream (it's why I don't enjoy fro yo - melts too fast) and this not only doesn't melt quickly, but you get the coolest experience of watching them make your serving fresh in front of you!
They also have an AMAZING crêpe menu + tons of coffees & tea.

Awesome eats are perhaps my life's greatest hobby! :-P I *WILL* find the cool food!!!

I sang Sunday:

I love that you can hear Will & Annelise singing as loud as you can hear me! :-D

I also choreoed new Zumba and made an Instagram account for my cheer program! (Follow it, if you're on Instagram!!!)



  1. If I ever visit your area of the country, I'm going to request that you make me up a food journal of not-to-be missed places to eat!! You do find the neatest eateries! (And great song, too!!)

  2. I can do it!!! :-D THANK YOU!!!


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