Bball & Choir, Bras & Curls

The last week was so full of blog-worthy events! Stay tuned for posts on two big cheer performances and JB & I attending a grand Mardi Gras ball! Catch up with the kids first...

Check out Will vs. the giant in basketball! (6th grade size differences are INSANE!)
(Yes! He made that breakaway shot!)

Notes on attending a Junior High Choir Talent Show:
1) Will *wanted* me to come with him! None of his friends asked their parents - I never thought I'D be the mom they want hanging around! ‪#‎enjoyingwhileitlasts‬ (He didn't sing, but every choir student had to attend for a grade. I was surprised that they didn't act "too cool" for being there.)
2) Faith in the goodness of this generation affirmed: a few of these acts hit some wretched notes, and NO ONE laughed or booed. They were so supportive!!! It was actually beautiful.
3) It totally flashed me back to my middle school talent show! That may have been the day I felt most wonderful in all those awkward years...

I acknowledge this borders on the private, but I blog to remember these things, and I just don't want to forget: Annelise asked me if we could buy her sports bras for the first time. She came home wearing one after sleeping over at a friend's last month, so I *knew* it was coming! She absolutely doesn't need one (& will probably be the last girl in her class who does #latebloomers) but I never want her to feel weird about that stuff with me, so I said, "OK, let's see what they have. You choose what you like, and we'll talk about it." SO THANKFUL she chose two very sporty ones (like I wear for Zumba) with thick straps and full flat coverage - no padding, no faux cup shape, no thin straps to hang out. (Showing straps = pet peeve!) They look like a layered tank top when on, and I'm good with that. I praised her smart choice, and that was it. They certainly didn't have cool options like this 30 years ago! :-P But honestly, half the girls in gymnastics & tumble wear *JUST THESE* (no other top) & little shorts to practice. That doesn't fly in this family, #nobaretummies but I caught myself feeling silly for thinking this was any kind of milestone when tons of kids younger than her sport them daily.

She's also been begging me to let her sleep on curlers, so I dug out my old pink foam ones (which are literally about to fall apart :-P) and rolled her hair before bed last night. Her hair is already naturally curly, but she wanted more! She swore they didn't bother her sleeping (they always did me!!! :-D) and bounced out the door like Goldilocks this morning:


  1. What sweet growing up moments - and those curls are amazing!!!


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