Cheering U of H & NFL Play 60

Yes, cheer season is over (it officially runs Aug-Nov) but when I took over running the program last year, I wanted us to do several events to get the girls together in the offseason and give them a chance to perform: 1) to boost retention, 2) to advertise the program, & 3) to make the girls feel special. Last year, we did the local Rodeo Parade. We're doing that, again, this February 20th, but that's not all!

The University of Houston cheer coach & I have kept in close contact since their cheer clinic we attended in Sept. She invited a few of our girls to come cheer a U of H men's basketball halftime to work out the logistics & see if we could offer this to our whole cheer league next season!!! It. Was. Awesome. We went last Wednesday. It was 4 of my girls and 5 of another Cheertator's squad along with U of H:

(Annelise is on the far side in the back. She flew in the prep sign stunt holding the "WHITE" sign. :-)) Of course, I was SOOO proud!!! Another angle from one of my cheer dads, with Annelise back row, right side:

Go KYF Cheer! The KYF Cheerleaders joined up with the UH Cheerleaders for a special half-time performance. Go Coug! Go Fight Win!
Posted by Ryan Missman on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

THEN, this Saturday, we were asked by the local parks district to cheer to open their NFL Play 60 event, which gets boys & girls moving & playing active games for an hour. We were the preshow entertainment, and boy did we deliver!!! I *did* get to open this up to the entire league, and we had 13 squads participate! We all did our Hello Cheer together:

KYF Cheerleaders kicking off Play60 event today. Go KYF! Go Falcons!
Posted by Ryan Missman on Saturday, January 30, 2016

And then each squad performed their own cheer or halftime dance, before we closed with everyone doing our Opening Ceremonies dance together.

The event coordinator was so pleased that she has asked us to cheer *EVERY* future NFL Play 60 event!!! This is HUGE: most organizations pay them $400 to perform like we did, & they're begging us back! PS - the weather?! STELLAR: 80° sunshine on January 30th! Loooooove...


  1. What neat experiences for your girls!!! Looks like fun!


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