Mid-February Recap

Butterfly Man to the Rescue
A couple weekends ago, we were all up until 1 AM with poor Annelise when an uncontrollable coughing fit hit her at bedtime. (Reactive airway - even her albuterol didn't tame it; I almost took her to LifeTime to sit in the pro strength steam room at midnight.) She was 100% fine the next day, but I never want to forget how Will was the one to get her to stop crying: he got her giant costume butterfly wings out of her closet & appeared as Butterfly Man to make her smile & save the day. They irritate each other often...but they do truly love each other so much. ❤

Post-Super Bowl
6 years ago, JB bought Annelise this big bear for Valentine's...and all on her own 3-yr-old self, she named him Peyton Mayonnaise. (I'm a Redskin fan, and we were living in Chicago - it was all her!) Ever since, Peyton has held a special place in our hearts, and Annelise was so excited to snuggle up with her Peyton that night & tell him congrats! :-P

Mardi Gras
One of JB's friends took this pic of us at the Mardi Gras ball a few weeks ago! I love it - it's so *us*

One of my members brought Mardi Gras beads for everyone in my Zumba class last week!!! It was so sweet & festive!!! Here's about half of us after cool down:

Skating Party
I roller skated for the first time in probably ~20 years on Saturday at one of our Cheertator's daughter's bday party! I eased back into it way more quickly than I anticipated. :-)

I threw Annelise's class Valentine's party at school... It may have gotten a bit rowdy... ;-)

My amazing husband gifted me with this Gratitude Apothecary Jar. ❤ The basic premise is to fill it with pennies & notes, each representing something you're thankful for that day. I'm thankful for him, for being my true partner in life!


  1. Busy month so far, huh??!! :) Love that jar!!

  2. It looks like you've been having lots of fun lately!

  3. I love, love, loooove roller skating! I wish I could go more often! Do you have to break the jar to remove the notes??

  4. February has definitely been eventful!!! :-D

    The jar: you don't have to break it to get the notes out, as long as you use pieces of paper that are about the same size as the sample pieces they included. (At first I thought including a few pieces of sample paper was silly, but I honestly would have cut my own too big to get out! :-D )


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