Weekly Bullets

•Prayer requests: for a loved one's job interviews; a BFF who lives in Europe's emergency visit home to TX to be with her mom just diagnosed with terminal cancer; another BFF whose mother passed away; a child in an incident at school; a BFF needing knee surgery after a big injury & won't be able to dance for at least 6 months...

Fireworks chocolate bars (my FAVE candy ON EARTH!!!) are back at Trader Joe's!

•Annelise & I have been taking the best yin yoga class together Tuesday evenings, complete with lavender-scented towels over our eyes during savasana. The peace of holding my child's hand during the most relaxing, restorative hour of my week... ❤

•I went to the dentist for a cleaning...& THAT'S IT!!! No new work scheduled, AGAIN! Whaaat?! 4TH time in a row!!! Have I finally reached the magical point where my super soft teeth are maintainable?! My BFF, Tina, asked if there was a correlation with me quitting Diet Coke (& really most all carbonated beverages) a few years ago - I had never considered, but I completely believe it!!! Bonus: I got the *MOST* unique compliment from my dentist - "You're like a shot of B12. You bring energy into the room." :-D

•Will & I had a date Friday night to our local rodeo! I *LOVE* that he was so happy to be there with me. ❤

•Saturday was SO FULL: my cheerleaders marched in the Rodeo Parade (dedicated post coming) and then we went straight to Will's basketball game - Mustangs win, again!!! 29-20

•After 9 months of hemming and hawing, I pulled the trigger: I bought Ion Radiant Orchid hair color! I've really wanted a few purple streaks, but I've been too scared. Annelise & I did a version last summer, but since it was liquid chalk instead of actual dye, it dried our hair out so bad. I'll post whenever I get the courage to actually do it...

•I have already EARLY VOTED! YAY!!! It took literally 3 minutes. Find out when your primary is, and go vote - but don't show up uninformed. It takes no time to do a tiny bit of research on your phone, esp. re: local races. *If you DON'T vote, keep your political opinions TO YOURSELF!!!*


  1. Enjoyed this bulleted post! So many people have serious prayer needs - glad they have you to pray for them and to share those needs so others can pray, too


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