Bluebonnets 2016

We didn't get any family bluebonnet pics last year, and I couldn't bear to miss, again, this year, too! It's definitely not the menfolk's fave activity, but they placate me...and Will ends up liking finding them! They bloomed a bit early this year, so we got to take advantage of a spring break day for a quick trek to the closest reported thick patch. (I find the best locations each year via Bluebonnet Love. My fam is not up for driving 30 minutes to a sparse field. :-P) This year's was at the San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site:

And a little fun with Stephen F Austin's statue on the way out... ;-)


  1. Great pictures! I wish there were some bluebonnets closer to use because I know my husband won't drive far to find any! :)

  2. Nikki, check here: I *KNOW* there are some closer to you!!!


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