Radiant Orchid Hair

I did it!!! Check out my Ion Radiant Orchid hair! ❤️ It's a bit less pink/more purple in real life - two big understreaks, flipped out for max viewing here. I can hide it more, if I feel like it...but I don't think I will!!! It's totally perfect - enough to be fun, without looking like I'm having a 1/3-life crisis! :-D

The craziest part? I did this last Saturday afternoon...and ALMOST NO ONE has noticed!!! It's soooo not a big deal. In most light & against most of my clothes, it just doesn't stand out much. The whole reason I chose this pinkish purple instead of a pure purple is b/c the darker purple last summer just looked like lowlights. These actually look like lowlights, too, but I still love it! I need to get Annelise to take pics of my hair braided - that looks awesome!!!

No, I didn't pre-lighten the hair at all - I figure, whatever shows up with my blonde is what I get. ;-) It's "semi-permanent" so I'm expecting it to last a while. Annelise is dying for me to do her tips. I definitely will this summer, but I'm not sure she can get away with it during school - they have a "no distracting hair" policy. :-P