Singing Blakes & Competition?

Will had his spring choir concert on Thursday. I'm so glad he actually enjoys choir! It's not just a "stupid class" he has to slug through - he's learning a lot of music theory, and he cares about doing well. :-) He has even chosen to stay in choir for 7th grade! (Disclaimer: it's not his *FAVE* class, but as an arts elective, he doesn't hate it. :-P He doesn't want to do art, theatre, or band, instead. :-D)

He's in the middle row, 2nd in from the right:

"Little Birch Tree"

"Old Dan Tucker"

I also got to sing in church, again, this Sunday - a beautiful song called "Ever Be"

Annelise has been singing a lot lately, too, rehearsing with her Koalas On Stage afterschool musical theatre group once a week. (They don't have a performance, though, until May. :-)) She's really enjoying it ...but last month she finally dropped the bomb I'd been wondering if she'd ever voice on her own: "I really want to do competition cheer."

I'm not surprised. She grew so much this year! I had no idea going into last fall's season that our squad's stunting would get so advanced, and she is such a natural - 100% fearless, and the perfect flyer form: 4th grade maturity in a 2nd grade-sized body. When she took a free competition trial a couple years ago, she wasn't overly impressed...but she couldn't do much, yet, then. Now that she is a solid tumbler and knows how to fly in stunts, she wants to get even better, and she misses flying so much in our youth league offseason. It's also a smart move, if she wants to cheer in junior high, b/c around here, they won't even consider girls who haven't cheered competitively. (That fact breaks my heart! It's one of the main reasons I'm working to raise the bar in our rec cheer program, but it still holds true.)

The only thing holding us back? It's not cheap. :-/ We'll have to see what we could do to work it out. Prayers appreciated for financial wisdom & provision all around in several unspoken situations re: loved ones!


  1. Lots of family singing - how fun!! I know Annelise would do so well in competition cheer, but I also understand that there's a lot that comes along with that decision and many factors to consider. Praying for wisdom and direction in all the situations you're facing!


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