The Lucky Fig

Annelise & I got to royally geek out this week like the dorky, food-TV-obsessed girls we are! The über nice Italian guy, Luca, who won MasterChef, lives here now, and we got to visit his gourmet food truck, The Lucky Fig, on Tuesday in between tumble & yoga - it. was. awesome. Sausage arancini (risotto balls) & this incredible tangy roasted cauliflower/pine nut side. Crushed that he ran out of polenta fries with Taleggio sauce one person in front of us, but next time... He made a quiet comment to his sous about "the beautiful ladies' order" & Annelise almost burst. :-D "Mom! He called us beautiful!" :-P ❤️ Can't wait to try more, esp. the polenta fries, gnocchi, & panettone bread pudding!!!

One other little food adventure worth documenting for posterity: the kids wanted the newly-opened, delish MOD Pizza last Thursday, (Spring Break lunch,) so I told them SURE - as long as we walked there & back. Will whined...but not enough to give up beloved pizza!!! :-P It's only ~1.5 miles away, all flower- & tree-lined sidewalks. Lovely!!! And pizza w/o lazy spring break guilt! :-D


  1. Love how you got your kids to "walk" for their lunch!! All the food sounds so delish!!


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