What's Up With...

*What's up with cheer?
Registration has officially opened for the cheer program I run with our youth football league. Let the barrage of crazy phone calls & late-night emails commence from now through mid-August! :-P At least this year, I've gotten to start out with more complete, accurate info online, so maybe that will stem some of the tide...although I'm not holding my breath. ;-) I *am* excited to truly get going, again, though.

Some of y'all asked after the last post: yes, Annelise & I will definitely stay doing this program, as well, even if(when?!) she also does competition cheer. That's pretty standard with most 5th & 6th grade girls in our program who are serious about cheer. The actual competition season actually begins right after our football season ends, so there wouldn't be Saturday game/meet conflicts, and since I'm the coach, I would schedule our squad practices around her comp ones. I think everyone may also be pleasantly surprised to have me take our intensity down a notch - if she's getting the comp training, I would make our rec squad a bit less hard core; I refuse to do that now, though, b/c I'm the only cheer training she's getting.

*What's up with Zumba?
Keeping my classes going strong! Here we are a couple weeks ago on the last day for one of my students before she was transferred back to Indonesia for her job:

And here this past Wednesday wishing swift healing for one of my most loyal members who blew out her knee playing soccer and had to have major reconstructive surgery last Thursday. :'( It was a complete success, though, and she is a tremendous athlete, so pray for her to be able to come back quicker than the 6-month estimate!

*What's up with basketball ending?
We had Will's team party last Tuesday night:
His two coaches were stellar (& we speak with years now of 1st hand knowledge re: how much a youth coach has to invest to give a quality experience; our bar is set HIGH.) So thankful for this 2016 Mustangs team!!! I can't believe how much I'm actually going to miss something that's *not* football!

And how nice is his pro pic? *love*

*What else is up with each kid?
I got to be a shark for the day at Will's junior high last Thursday! (Like on the show Shark Tank, judging 6th grade invention presentations.) I love that he loves having me volunteer there!

Annelise & I finally took advantage of the vast array of nature trails in our gianormous neighborhood. We did 2.5 miles Saturday, 2 miles Sunday morning, and then dragged Will & Bonnie out for another 1.5 miles Sunday evening. (I need to get moving more on non-gym days!) I thank God for Texas and 80° bliss every day!!!


  1. Wow - hard to believe that cheer is cranking up again!! Enjoyed reading the updates on all y'all have going on!!


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