#1: This past Wednesday was my & JB's 14th wedding anniversary!

It looks like Annelise is actually getting the chance to fly in her new cheer program!
(Just playing around with different bases & transitions Thursday night to get different feels. :-))

Our 7-on-7 Football is back in action: we won our divisional game 26-13, and Will scored 2 touchdowns Friday night!
(Yep, we're the Mud Dawgs a la The Waterboy, since we combined our Falcons with some Giants. :-D)

I got to connect with TWO precious friends, here just to visit for the weekend! Sangeeta, my first yoga teacher & friend who moved to Phoenix:
(Ha! That's *my* arm in between them! :-D Annelise was SO EXCITED that she could get henna, too! It lasts a week or two.)

And Stephanie, my college roommate, whose band's southwest tour brought her to Houston Saturday night! Getting to sing harmonies with her, again, fills my heart with so much joy, and I so appreciate the effort she always makes to stay connected with me & our fam:

This last one is really huge: two of my first three cheerleaders who are old enough to "graduate" from my Falcons cheer squad tried out for their Junior High Saturday morning...and BOTH MADE IT!!! BOTH OF MY GIRLS!!! I got chills. I am so tremendously proud of them - they have no competition experience, just our awesome Falcons family for the last 3 years!!! Talk about feeling validated in what I'm doing... #success


  1. Congratulations on so many fronts!! A belated happy anniversary to you and JB! So neat to watch the video of Annelise, and so happy for your girls who made their new squads!


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