Flood Week

First off: we're completely safe, our street has excellent drainage, and our house never flooded; but we got over 10" of rain (some areas 20"!) Sunday night through midday Monday. No school, no work, no Zumba, but also no sleep - I wanted to turn the flood alerts off my phone, but then I worried that would be irresponsible. :-/ We got a break in the rain, though, early Monday afternoon, and our streets were dry by 4:30. We went out for BBQ dinner, and then Annelise, Bonnie, & I took a loooooong, hour & a half nature walk along the bayou nature trail close to our house. Sooo lovely! I didn't get pics of the lush, rainforest-esque parts, but the bayou was raging super high, (we can usually walk at least 10'-15' under that bottom right bridge down the ramp!), we saw a gator (we LOVE seeing as many creatures as possible!!!), sang with the frogs, and had the best girl talk:

I'm pretty sure my Dad sent the gator sighting. ♥ Monday marked 19 years since he passed away. I was 18 when he died, (it was the year before JB & I started dating), so he's officially been gone for over half of my life... That seems odd... It also would have been my Grandmommy's 104th birthday. ♥ They both loved being outdoors more than anything, so I guess it's fitting we had a weather & nature adventure. :-D

So that brings us to the rest of this week: no school. ALLLLL WEEK. :-O Why? Because even though our side of town is completely clear & safe, many people on the north side of town (all still in our school district) have been trapped in their homes by the flood waters since Sunday night. One of my Cheertators just got out of their house for the first time yesterday:
The cheer gym was closed until Wednesday, as well, b/c several coaches were stuck in their homes and couldn't get out. (THANK GOODNESS it's reopened!!! School, we're really ok missing, but cheer? :-P) Will wants everyone to know that "God has answered his no school prayers!" He's feeling very close to the Lord right now. :-D

I will say, it feels so odd to have our lives completely back to normal by Tuesday morning, just without school, while so many people just a few miles away are still needing assistance from the National Guard. Our community has whipped into action to help each other, though, and THAT is beautiful!!! Keep praying for them!!!


  1. Glad y'all are safe - and hope Will has enjoyed his week of answered prayer! :)


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