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You know my youth cheer program's registration has ramped up when I get even quieter than normal around here! :-D I have so much to share...but every time I get online, I have all of these cheer issues I have to take care of, ("Will you make an exception for this? For that? What about for this? What do I have to do to register? Can you explain this? That?" No. No. No. And everything else is so self-explanatory on the website, if you'd take the time to look. :-P) Y'all *know* I looove being the queen bee, but after I handle all that stuff, I just want to get offline! :-D So the next few days we'll play a little catch up...

There's one huge awesome thing that happened last week [teaser! sorry!] but I can't talk about it for another week or two, so hang onto your hats until then. (I know, that's so cruel! But it's super happy, and NO: it doesn't involve moving or babies. :-P) Suffice it to say, a loved one FINALLY got the BIGGEST answer to prayer, so join me in nebulous rejoicing!!! :-D

In more concrete celebratory news, Annelise entered a poster contest about a month ago for the National Weather Service Severe Weather Awareness Week. They were challenged to pick a severe weather event and make an awareness poster for it. She was adamant about doing this extracurricular project!!! She picked floods and totally ran with it. She worked on her poster for several days:
The day the winner was to be announced...ended up being Good Friday :-P so obviously no one was at school. (She was so irritated! :-D) It was worth the wait, though, because last week she found out SHE WON!!! It was a pretty decent prize, too: $100 of school supplies for her class. :-)

Last weekend was all about cheer, both my rec program and all star. [Dedicated all star tryout post tomorrow!] We had *TWO* Cheertators' daughters' bday parties! (My cheer committee calls ourselves the Cheertators, and we call our kids the Tator Tots! HA!!! :-D) Can you believe two Tots have the exact same bday?! One had a sleepover:
And I helped give the 2nd one, which was a dinner & craft party...with a photo booth! Tators + photo booth = perfection:
[This may be my fave pic of half of us EVER! :-D]

Yes, Annelise's bday is in just two weeks. No, we don't have a thing planned. This weekend's mission...

We ran our first walk-up registration & uniform fitting event all day Saturday, and 3 of my new girls came to get fitted - they are SOOOO enthusiastic! It will be so good to have their fresh energy this fall. (And super tall big sis is going to be one of my assistant helpers. :-))

Finally, our cheer program got published, again! This time talking about us donating 500 surplus cheer uniforms to a charity cheer organization when I updated the design last year. I was so happily shocked when I opened up the magazine out of our mailbox & saw my own face! :-D Here's the online version. :-)

Coming next: all star cheer tryout and a God lesson through Zumba...


  1. Excited to hear about all that's been going on with you!! Looking forward to the next update. Y'all have a great weekend!!

  2. Congratulations to Annelise! What an honor!

    And congratulations to you for being recognized for your good work!


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