Ten MORE Days Later

Is this my new trend, posting in 10 day-spurts? :-P

A BFF gave me the most wonderful revelation: I've always been über indulgent in nostalgia, but I've felt less & less like that the last few years. Why? Because I'm actually content in my present. I don't have a little bit of depression in my heart, longing for those times & places past. I actually like my now, my present best... And that is an amazingly satisfying revelation!

Two of our principle worlds conflicted last Friday tonight: our last regular season 7-on-7 football games...at the exact same time as Will's final choir pop show. :'( Obviously Will was super ticked to miss football with Daddy & his team for school music...and I can't lie - I was, too. Out of 20 songs, Will was only in 3. (*sigh* Someone give me the mic! :-P) But I have to say, I was SOOO IMPRESSED by 1) the confidence these kids had, 2) the fearless way they brushed off not hitting every perfect note onstage (I wish I could let mistakes go like that!!!), and 3) esp. the way their peers so passionately support each other!!! (There were some horrific notes hit, and not a single boo, nor even a snicker. Just thunderous applause for every song!) These are really *quality* kids. Dagger in my heart, though: it was the best 7-on-7 game our team has EVER played in 4 years. We won 47-13! Yaaaay!!!! ...But crushed that Will & I missed it! My BFF, Amy, had the best perspective: amazing that it only has conflicted once! True. I'll be thankful...

Cheertator bowling night:

Geckos outside on our window screens make me SO HAPPY!!! I loooooove them!!! (Keep eating every bug out there, sweet friends!)

CHEER-O-RAMA last Sunday!!! Not only did I have a stellar planning session with my Cheertators (solving huge team assignment problems & developing exciting new Coach Certification & Stunt Clinic updates for my rec youth league!) but Annelise's competition cheer gym announced the teams for this next whole year...and she's flying on a SENIOR team!!! (Small Senior 1) Our lives are officially "EXTREME" ❤️ (The team name is Extreme ;-))

She had a soaking wet morning, though, on Monday for her very 1st day on SAFETY PATROL! (This is the week the 4th graders who made it for the Fall as 5th graders start early & finish out this school year.) Proud she's carrying on my legacy from 1988... ;-)

After teaching 4th grade Junior Achievement from 8:45-1:45 on Tuesday, I had Annelise's year-end Special Buddies celebration. Her buddy has the sweetest, genuine smile!!!

Elsa, her betta fish, died while we were at school, though, Tuesday. :'( Annelise presided over her first-ever fish funeral, [buried in the front side yard - not back (no chance of beagle grave digging) & not flushed (that thought made her bawl.)] RIP Elsa! (And so thankful Annelise had her first official night of Extreme cheer that night to help her feel happier!)


  1. Wow - Lots going on for y'all!! We've had a few of those scheduling conflicts, too - comes with the territory at these ages, I suppose! :)


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