The End of the Van???

My van broke down Thursday morning a week & a half ago, right in front of our elementary school when I went to get Annelise for the pediatrician (her annual well-check). JB was gone, traveling for work, & I do not handle car problems well. (I resent every ¢ spent on their depreciating issues!) I wanted to bawl...but I focused on every positive:
* It happened in a super safe place (school driveway, not during dismissal) with 3 sweet friends working in the office to help me not freak out & get Annelise back to class. Thank goodness I wasn't in Houston!
* My Cheertators texted instant ride-share support.
* Our trusted auto shop is literally across the street from the school & around the corner from our house.
* I learned my insurance covers free roadside assistance towing!
* It ended up being the shifter linkage, NOT the transmission! HUNDREDS of $ less to repair than initially feared!!!
* I was able to walk home from the shop to wait and arrived 2 minutes before the heavens opened with 4 hours of storms.
* God may have prompted me to finally be ready to get something newer. (The van is over 10 years old. :-/ It's paid off & that's SOOOO tough to give up, esp. when I don't obsess about new cars!!! But this might need to be it, esp. with the distances we drive in the city, with JB traveling more often, & since now the check engine light won't turn off, so it won't pass another inspection...which is due next month... *sigh*)


  1. Love how you listed the positives!! I also do not handle car trouble well! That's one of my major deals when my husband travels out of town for work - "worrying" that I might have car issues while he's gone.

    Sounds like you had the best results possible, though, so I'll remember that if I should face something similar!!

  2. Oh, I definitely initially freaked out! :-P But I tried not to cry in front of Annelise, & my BFF in the school office is EXTREMELY rational & practical, so she won't let me lose it. :-D


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