1st Half of July

How is July half over?! It's been mountains of cheer work for me and some massive life changes for close friends... I didn't even get to post our 4th of July pics, yet! :-P We had the best family day: we had my Cheertator BFF Angie & her fam meet us at my gym; the kids & dads played soccer & swam, while Angie & I choreographed a new cheer dance in my Zumba studio! We all hot tubbed, got cleaned up, and went to dinner at the Yard House before watching the fireworks:

All my days since have been filled with cheer - placing girls & forming squads, finding new coaches, quelling parent problems, checking hundreds of uniform orders, rewriting the coaching handbook, choreographing our league-wide Cheer Camp dance & new Hello Cheer, planning our Coach Certification Class I teach on my birthday this coming Saturday 7/23, our Coach Stunt Certification Class 7/29, our Cheer Camp 7/30, and finding locations for all three.

Zumba is good, and I was happy to get to sing in church this week - acoustic Sundays are my FAVE! (God really showed up, too, b/c I couldn't hear myself in my mic! :-O)

The kids went to VBS last week ("Submerged") at the same church they've been going to for VBS since the first couple weeks we moved here - this was their 5th summer!!! (We don't go to the VBS at our regular church, b/c it's evening, and we've always got evening activities.) It was Will's last year, *sniff, sniff* and to be honest, I felt a bit disconnected. We didn't get a music CD like we usually do, (I'll find it online & download, but the kids weren't teaching me as the week went on,) and we didn't get to go to their parent presentation night, b/c cheer. They still loved it, and as long as THEY were happily engaged, that's the point!

Pray for my friends... One football friend's son just had a heart transplant!!! One friend's marriage has suffered a gut-wrenching blow, one friend ended a serious relationship, one is seeking therapy for one of her children, and another friend's father suddenly passed away last Monday with a heart attack. Pray God's comfort, ease, healing, & direction over all of them...

One last tid bit before I get back to cheer work... I found out the head of Group Fitness at the gym location closer to where we live (not the fancier one where I teach) - the one who essentially ran me off - was finally FIRED this month!!! :-O I am dying for details. Her instructor turnover was SO HIGH (b/c she ruled through fear & intimidation, not encouragement) or I wonder if corporate finally busted her for inflating participation numbers? Hmmmm... She publically posted on FB that it was such an "injustice" (PS - *WHO* posts PUBLICALLY on FB?!?!) ...but I couldn't help but think instead perhaps justice was finally being meted out...


  1. I'm with you - this month is just flying by!!! I know cheer is keeping you busy, but I'm guessing you love it! :)


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