¡Adiós, Van!

Last weekend, we got off the plane back in Texas...and went to sell my almost-11-year-old van. :-O With JB's new 70-mile-round-trip commute, he got a gas-sipping sporty Focus...and I am now überTexan, full-time driving the F150. ‪#‎littleblondegirlinabigtruck‬ ‪#‎godblesstexas


  1. We owned an F150 for a couple of years and LOVED it! It was so roomy and such a smooth ride. Yes, you are truly a Texas gal!

  2. It *IS* super roomy & smooth! I'm getting used to almost everything...but I still can't judge how deceptively short the front end is! After I park, I always see that I could have pulled in much further. :-P

  3. Congratulations on your new vehicle! I drove an F-250 for a couple of years and LOVED it. That was back when we had horses, and I needed it to pull the trailer.


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