Great 38th!

After 37's super quiet arrival last year, I was determined to make 38 GREAT!!! And it *HAS* been!

It even began a day early: the mango chicken skewers Trader Joe's had "for 3 weeks only" in June were surprisingly BACK on Friday! I flipped out, grabbed 5 packs, and the check-out lady GAVE ME ONE FOR FREE for my bday!!! 🎉❤️ #traderjoesloveme Happy day-before-my-birthday to ME! :-P

So how did I spend my ACTUAL bday??? With ALLLLLL these magnificent women, teaching each of them how to be amazing youth cheer coaches!!! :-D
It was perfect: I got to lead, laugh, dance, & jump around all day with happy people = ❤️ (& yes - I absolutely had Sbux chai from JB & Will first thing when I woke up, and bubble tea & bundtinis from my Cheertator BFFs!)

From JB & the kids for my bday: he asked last week if we had anything going on Wednesday night, b/c we had been invited to "a thing". I'm not up for "a thing" involving copious amounts of beer, so I asked what kind of "thing"? He said it will have beer, but it's still kid-friendly, and I'll like it. Hmmmm... When I got home from cheer on my bday night, they filled me in with this sheet first...
And then I was supposed to use the decoder sheet to see the REAL event!
HOW CUTE IS THAT?!?! I had been dying to see "Wicked" & take the kids for AGES!!!!! I was so thrilled to get to do this!!!!
It was an excellent production! We actually had Elphaba's understudy, and her passion was palpable. Sometimes I like getting an understudy, as long as they have the vocal chops, (she did!) b/c they really embrace their moment to shine. It's fresh - not old hat. I didn't know several plot details & loved those little surprises. Annelise can't stop singing "Defying Gravity" (how perfect for my flyer! :-D) and I can't stop "For Good"...

I found out the next day that a girl I did theatre with in college has three friends in this touring production, and had she caught my post, we could have done a backstage tour!!! :-O Ah, well...

My fave, Joyce Meyer, posted this on my bday, too: "The greatest gift that anyone of us has is the present moment; that is the gift that God gives us." What a perfect bday word!


  1. A belated happy birthday to you!! We haven't seen Wicked, but I've heard many good reviews. Sounds like a wonderful birthday!!

  2. Happy belated birthday! It looks like you had a wonderful day!!

  3. Thank you, my friends!!! :-)


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