July Zumba, Volunteering, Rain, & School Supplies

#happybusy #allcheereveryday If it's not my youth rec league I'm running, we're at Annelise's competition cheer gym (where I'm working on rec league registrations, placements, issues, plans, problems, etc. on my phone) ...AND WE LOVE IT!

I'm going to try to catch our family & friends up a little bit here, before heading back out...

Apparently God thought I need a few extra shots of Zumba before I turned 38, b/c I subbed Zumba two Fridays this month! (I hadn't subbed this whole year, I don't think! :-P) After class with a Zumba BFF & our girls:

Another morning with my rec league cheerleaders & families volunteering at Lunches of Love, packing over FOUR THOUSAND lunches for kids who wouldn't otherwise get a meal that day... ‪#‎nochildshouldgohungry

Get this: we are under some kind of horrific rain block!!! This happens ALLLL the time; I was just ticked enough to finally document the proof:
(PS - green isn't actual rain that hits the ground.) We *DID* end up getting some rain this week, but not as much as the surrounding areas. Everyone has decided it's not the area - it's me. :-D

Our annual school supply shopping morning SUCCESS!!!
I never buy the prepackaged lot from school, b/c 1) it's way cheaper on our own, 2) we have the time on a quiet weekday morning to leisurely do it, 3) the kids pick the colors they want, & 4) WE LOVE SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!! We got everything both for kids for $75; Annelise's package via school was $74 alone! :-O

Stay tuned for:
MY BIRTHDAY recap, zoo trip, & Cheer Camp!


  1. I share your love of school supplies!! Looks like y'all got a great haul! We're heading out later today for round 1 of school supply shopping - it will probably take at least one more trip after that. :)


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