Best FIRST DAY Ever!

Monday was literally one of the BEST days EVER! I'm counting EVERY blessing!!!

*First Day of School - normally sad (I hate giving up hanging out with my kids! They are such fun, easy, fairly self-sufficient people!) but sadness was assuaged by the one day ALL YEAR I really shop for myself: the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale! (I won't pay $150 for a jacket or pants, even from my fave designer...but I'll pay $30!) I got these NINE fab sale items (8 for me, the bottom shorts for A), I only waited ~30 min in the queue before getting to shop (many people had a 2-hr+ wait!), the site didn't crash on me, & I didn't lose anything out of my cart (it can sell out of the items in your cart, until you actually check out.) 💗 I also had a GIFT CARD that JB's parents had given me for Christmas that I had been holding for this very day!!! Super deals on top of a gift card = my ideal spree! (I'll do a fashion show post when it arrives!)

*I got First Day pics with ZERO kid (Will) whining!

*Check out this sunrise!

*No one was late, & everyone was completely prepared. (I credit Lilly - had I not had that motivation to be up & ready, I could have been verrrrry lazy! :-P)

*The forecasted rain held off for both kids to walk/scooter to school, so I didn't have to combat any traffic! (Rain ended before dismissal, too, so no fighting pick-up traffic, either!)

*A BFF texted me this pic of Annelise on Safety Patrol! I still got to see her!!!

*Even when the rain DID come - on my commute into Zumba - it didn't make me late!

*My class was AWESOME, & I had more energy in class than I've had in WEEKS!!! I still can't get over how fast it flew by...

*A lady who gave me a REALLY nice workout top for my bday was back in class -- & I wore the top! I was sooo happy to get to thank her & have her see how much I love it!

*Last school year, I had to be home by 2:35 for Will getting out of junior high. It was an adjustment, b/c elementary gets out 3:40. This year, Will has football practice after school until 4:15, so he gets his happy activity, & I get my extra hour back! I sat in the hot tub after Zumba for 15 min, the steam room 10 min, & took a 20 min shower. Ahhhhhh...

*I got bubble tea. All. By. Myself. Used my one freebie I had! More ahhhhhh... Almond milk tea with ginger, tapioca, & agar

*Annelise reported she had a great first day! She loves school so much.

*Will reported he loves his new writing teacher (huge, b/c his from last year was his fave; I thought no one would EVER be able to live up to her!) I'm bowled over by his confidence! Only negatives: a kid who caused some trouble last year is back in choir, (I told him maybe God was putting him back in there to strengthen him,) and football practice was all offense; Will hates offense. (He plays safety & DE.)

*I had time to review the dance I was going to teach before cheer practice.

*I got to text catch-up with a BFF.

*We had one of the BEST cheer practices!!! My girls learned this whole new dance, and we even got to throw our stunts together at the end, which I didn't think we had a chance of getting to. (We ran over, but my parents were so awesome to let the girls continue. They could see how productive the girls were being!) It feels good to have them be old enough to really work through tough spots & find solutions together.

*I'm so proud of & thankful for the way my junior coach has grown from my squad to a junior high cheerleader now with such quality input at practice!!!

*I had my fave delish Trader Joe's mango chicken skewers for dinner.

*Kids went to bed on time.

*I don't have 200 school parent forms to fill out (only a few for choir) b/c our school system went to electronic forms I already did last week! No hand cramps here!!!

I could go on, but you get the idea... SO THANKFUL!!!


  1. So glad it was a fabulous day for all!! We've had a good "first week back to school" her, too. My daughters both joined the band this year; my younger daughter brought home her tenor sax to practice last night, and I can say that this is going to be a new and interesting experience for us all! ;)


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