Cheer We Go

Prepped (literally! :-D) for cheer:

We cheered our first game of the 2016 season Saturday. SUCH a different experience for me: since Will has "graduated" to junior high, we no longer have our Falcons Football Family to cheer for. That was hard... A lot harder emotionally than I thought... There was such an empty disconnect b/t us and the football team. They smiled politely at us, but we don't know them, we don't have any mutual player/cheer families, and we were only there for them this week; we rotate to cheer for a different team next week, since we're doing our new thing: cheering as the Dream Team for teams who don't have cheer. This will take some major adjustment on my part to get over the lack of attachment... Still so very proud of our strong, super girls!!!

They were great! It was truly just me who felt so...not right. Pray for quality refocus. :-)

Our first halftime dance: Blanca's "Not Backing Down"