Dixie Chicks Joy

The Dixie Chicks are one of my favorite bands of ALL TIME. Their tight girl harmonies go straight to my heart, and I almost burst into tears last November when they announced they were FINALLY going to do another US tour for the first time in ten years. (Their 2003 tour was the best concert I had ever been to in my life!) The concert date was scheduled for August 6th...which is Will's actual birthday. I asked his permission first to be gone on his bday evening, and he was like, "Are you kidding?!" :-D I gave Will the greatest bday gift I could: leaving him home with Daddy to play as much Xbox as he wants (I hate it!) without me constantly asking if he's done, YET! :-P My fellow-Chick kindred spirit BFF, Tina, and I bought tickets together, praying it would work out for her to come down from Michigan - although we stay in close touch constantly, we haven't gotten to see each other in person in over 3 1/2 years. :'( Absolutely heartbroken that it couldn't work out, but in her stead, and I took Annelise. My Cheertator BFF, Wendy, came with; she ended up with an extra ticket, too (we should have sold them! the show was completely sold out!!! :-D) so she also brought her daughter. I honestly would have much rather had Tina than Annelise, b/c she would have sung every word with me, unlike Annelise who actually took a little nap at one point!!! :-P (It was late. And she is sooo Daddy's daughter: able to sleep ANYWHERE!) But at least she got to hear amazing live music, and I actually took video clips of almost every song during the concert and sent them to Tina, so it was like she also came. ♥ I was going to post a few of those clips, but I can't even begin to pick just a few favorites... Exquisite!!!


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