EXTREME Last Week of Summer

Annelise had an EXTREME last week of summer! Her competition cheer team ("Extreme") had choreo camp from 8 AM - 2 PM Monday-Thursday to learn their whole competition routine for this season. Stunned at the amount they learned & CANNOT WAIT to see them hit this!!!
(I *love* her bottom pose! :-D)

Friday night, all of the Extreme families went out to eat together. Good bonding!

While Annelise was at cheer, Will & I lived at the gym. Will was my barbell (like Bodypump) partner for 3 weeks after football conditioning camp ended. Having him in there was so motivating! (I actually hate that he's had to go back to school! :-P I want my workout buddy back!!!)

Will got fitted for his junior high football equipment last Tuesday, and then he got his 7th Grade schedule last Wednesday. We walked his path & worked his locker until he was comfortable. Thankful for little bonuses, like him having math (the big homework class) before study hall & him starting the day with his 3 faves (football, math, science). Feeling confident:

Annelise had her 5th Grade Meet the Teacher night last Thursday. She has Mrs. Pinkerton (reading & social studies), along with Mrs. Martin (science) & Mrs. McClanahan (math). Will also had Martin & Pinkerton, and he LOVED them! Really excited that she's getting teachers he had: for the first time ever, we know exactly what we're getting! :-)

God closed out our summer "vacay" (we never stopped going!) with this amazing sunrise Sunday morning on my way in to sing at church:
A friend of mine thought "trinity" - how awesome?!


  1. What a beautiful sunrise - one of the benefits of getting up early, I suppose! ;) Sounds like things are lining up for a great school year!!


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