Will's 12th Birthday

Will turned 12 years old a week ago Saturday! He is kind, loyal, conscientious, ...and his favorite thing to play off the football field is Nerf. :-D We held his Nerf War party (just like last year :-P) on Sunday the 7th:

He wanted to make sure I didn't miss interviewing him this year. I love that he loves doing this, too:

1. What would you say was the best day of your last year? Causing a fumble on the first play against our nemesis, the Cowboys
2. What was the worst day of your last year…and why? Losing in the final seconds against the Panthers
3. If you could pick one meal for someone to make you, what would it be? LaLa's mac & cheese
4. What do you want to achieve this year? To add a sports award to my junior high's banner hanging in the gym
5. What do you admire most about your dad? He's an amazing football coach.
6. What music really moves you? Fall Out Boy & twenty one pilots
7. What is your favorite thing to pray? For God to forgive my sins & help everyone do their best.
8. What does your sister do that frustrates (or encourages) you? When she lies & gets in trouble, it reinforces why I don't do that.
9. And what does your sister do that helps you? She helps me forget I have to go back to school.
10. What do you think you’d like to do for a job when you get older? NFL and then YouTuber
11. What’s the best thing about being a part of our family? Having parents who support me in any choices I make.
12. What’s the hardest part about being the oldest child in our family? Watching your little sibling do the same wrong things that you did, but them getting less punishment for it.
13. What sorts of things in this world make you angry? People not knowing how to drive. And Donald Trump.
14. Can you describe what the perfect day would look like to you? School being cancelled, waking up to Daddy's Jiffy cakes & eggy bread, going to K1 Speed for go-karting, play Anki Overdrive, have LaLa's mac & cheese for dinner, and Mommy & Sissy make a cherry pie with tons of whipped cream on top for dessert
15. What would you say are your top fave movies? And what is it about them that you like? The Secret Life of Pets, b/c it's hilarious & makes you think about what your pet is doing it at home alone while you're gone. The Lego Movie, b/c it would be so cool if you could really do that and build that.
16. What skill do wish you could be better at? What we can do to help you improve it? Making 75% of my baskets in basketball. You're already letting me practice every time we go to LifeTime.
17. What kinds of things make you want to cry? When I lose a game.
18. What character qualities do you especially appreciate in a friend? Kindness, creativity, fun
19. What are your fave ice cream flavors? Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream & Blue Bell's Cookie Two Step
20. What do you wish I understood better about you? How fun Xbox is for me.
21. Do you know how much I love you? YES. :-)


  1. Love Will's interview!! Sounds like he had a great birthday...and his last one before he's a teenager - yikes! Can you believe it??!!

  2. Those answers are great! Happy belated birthday to Will!

  3. It is STUNNING how fast the years have flown by - esp. the last five!!!


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