Yay, Chinatown! Boo, Lightning!

A favorite tradition with my mom here visiting: our $30 hour-long massages in Chinatown!
Then dim sum and bubble tea!

So, my mom flew halfway across the country to see Will play junior high football... and the game was cancelled on Monday for lightning less than 10 miles away. :'( It was beautiful at the field, too! At least we got a pic of him coming into the stadium for warmups & one with her before loading back on the bus...
Oh my heart, y'all!!! He prayed before bed Monday night: "God, help me not be so angry that LaLa didn't get to see me play." I told him we'll take lots of video next week to share!


  1. What a precious prayer from Will!! Hope y'all enjoyed your massages!

  2. He has such an honest heart!!!
    And YES - those massages are ALWAYS heavenly!!!


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