David S. Pumpkins Halloween

I'm going to break one of my most visceral blogging rules and post out of chronological order. :-O I figure, what better way to cut Election Day stress than to reminisce on Halloween? (I *promise* I'll get back to Annelise's first competition cheer event from 10/30 later this week!)

Our Halloween plans came into very clear focus around 11 PM on Saturday, 10/22. No, I don't let my kids regularly watch Saturday Night Live :-P but we were up very late, Annelise & I were having a sleepover in my room :-), and this came on when I turned on my TV (before changing to our requisite Food Network or Cooking Channel fare that we like to fall asleep to.) Who can resist Tom Hanks? We. Were. Dying. David S. Pumpkins is now our favorite thing on earth:

(I'm still not sick of watching this...)

So Happy Halloween from David S. Pumpkins doing his own thang & the skeletons who are part of it!!!
(Y'all, it was 89°F, hence the shorts. :-D Will suffered to be the star! ;-) The suit is a standard costume at Spirit Halloween store - SNL just bought it for Tom Hanks off the rack! - but it sold out online by the next afternoon, 12 hours after the skit aired. As I was driving around town the next day, I noticed that the Halloween store here was actually the Spirit brand, so I took a chance and went in. They had ONE adult small left!!! People had been calling in & asking about them all day, so I pounced!!! #momoftheyear)

Nothing is better than David S. Pumpkins! :-D I was soooooo proud of myself for finding that suit... but then I couldn't find skeleton shirts ANYWHERE, so I had to make them with my Silhouette Cameo. Who would've guessed THOSE would be the hard part of all this? :-P

We wanted to make our own version of the video, but never got around to it... Next year???

Trick-or-treating with school friends...


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