Project V.O.T.E. Mock Election

I had the coolest school volunteering experience EVER on Election Day, 11/8: I was an election judge for our school district's Project V.O.T.E. mock election! Will's junior high went all out: students came to vote during their Social Studies class. They had to have registered to vote 9/27-10/11. If they didn't register, they couldn't vote. They had to show their student IDs (Texas requires photo ID to vote), and I found their names on the rolls. They verified their info, signed, and went back to vote on an iPad. We even provided "I voted" stickers! It perfectly mimicked the true adult voting process here, and it was such a valuable experience for our kids to receive!!!

[Me, verifying Will]
[Will voting]

It went even deeper: each campus in our district was assigned a certain number of delegates based on how many students registered to vote. The votes were tabulated & delegates assigned - like the electoral college - that evening to determine the mock outcome. I personally dislike the electoral college system in real life, but I love how they translated it into this project. Such a fantastic civics lesson!!!


  1. Love that the school did this - what a great way for the kids to learn about participating in the voting process!!!


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