JB & I made æbelskiver (Danish pancake puffs) on Sunday. This was all his plan - and it was fantastic! He got the idea from a friend and bought an æbelskiver pan for us for early Christmas, (b/c who wanted to wait?!?!)

You heat the pan on the stove top, spoon ~1 tbsp of your favorite pancake batter (of course, I used Kodiak Cakes!) into each hole (after a quick spray - I use coconut oil), and press the filling of your choice into the center. The traditional ones are sweet - think apple or jam filling - but we went savory: ham, egg, & cheese, barbeque chicken, & chicken & cheese! After a couple minutes, you flip each puff over on itself in the pan for the other side to cook. They're a bit labor intensive, but they're DELICIOUS! We loved doing different fillings for different flavors, and it was really nice to get the family time working on them together. JB, for the win!


  1. Neat idea - those look really tasty!!

  2. They *ARE* and get this: for one of JB's Christmas gifts, I found our Kodiak Cake mix in dark chocolate and another in crunchy peanut butter!!! :-O CANNOT WAIT to try sweet versions with those!!!!!


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