Choir, Party, Cookies

Will's formal Winter Choir Concert was this past Wednesday. They sang three songs...and I could NOT believe that Will ended up positioned *RIGHT BEHIND* the choir teacher! I tried to move before the 2nd song began, and then HE switched places with the boy beside him! :-O I finally got his face reliably in the 3rd/last, but yeah... Don't bother looking for him in the first one, and he's in her armpit in the 2nd. :-P

[Random: I flipped out when the 8th grade girls choir sang "The 12 Days After Christmas" – I did that growing up in choir, too! :-D]

I ran right from Will's concert to meet JB at our youth football league Board of Directors Christmas dinner. It was decadent - Perry's Steakhouse - and I was so happy to get a fancy night with friends:

I don't have any pics :'( but Thursday morning, I subbed Annelise's class at school (before teaching Zumba) while her teacher was at the annual Teacher Appreciation Christmas Breakfast. That's honestly the ONLY volunteering I like to do at school: whatever puts me in the room with my kids. I taught her class all about how to write checks - what to put on each line, & I had them practice with different scenarios.

Thursday evening, I chaperoned Will's junior high Tenor Bass Choir neighborhood Christmas caroling. I looooove that *he asked* me to please chaperone & wants me to lead his group. ❤️ (Makes up for some of the other tween attitude at home... :-P ;-))

Friday, I succumbed to sickness. Apparently my body knew the second I finished my obligations and totally shut down... so I let Annelise bake Christmas cookies while I laid on the couch. :-D Yay for Christmas break!!! She made these Chocolate Peppermint Crinkles. Mmmmmmm...


  1. I cannot even tell you how many times my girls have been blocked from my view/pics by a teacher or director!! Seems to happen especially with my older daughter - and now matter where I sit! Oh, well, I just do what I can ;)

    Ah, tween attitude...I can relate there, too ;) Hope you're feeling better!

  2. HAAAA!!! I can't believe it's happened to you, too, and more than once!!! :-P
    Still trying to shake the congestion & sinus pressure, but definitely on the mend. THANK YOU!!!


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